ATAR Success

For Laura Leeson, discovering her ATAR score of 99.6 made for an incredibly happy end to what has been a very challenging year. ‘I was aiming for a 97 – so to see 99.6 on the screen – was a wonderful moment… Read more ›

More Than Extraordinary

Dear Fairholme Families, The much anticipated ATAR results have been released, and the nervous wait replaced by relief and, for Fairholme’s senior cohort of 2020, celebration. In an extraordinary year, our Year 12… Read more ›

Not Because It's Easy

Haylee Hicks’ boarding journey started when she was just 8 years old. ‘I started boarding – at a school with my brothers – when I was in grade 3.’ It would be six years before she would join… Read more ›

HOME... with or without the L

Home is your favourite spot to sit at lunch. It’s the same chair you choose to sit in maths class. Home is your worn-in tartan dress and the accompanying panama; the echoing chatter of girls throughout G block; the… Read more ›

Connected By Holme

A shy and reserved Eve Fenton made her way into the Boarding House at Fairholme 4 years ago. ‘I had been schooling at home in Glenn Innes when I came to board at Fairholme – and looking back on it I think it… Read more ›

Back To The Bush

Claire Tully remembers well the 10-hour drive from her home in Quilpie to the Fairholme Boarding House. She left behind a small, but tight knit community, where her Mum was a school teacher, and her pets at home –… Read more ›