When We Believe… A Year 12 story

Lauren Bougoure arrived at Fairholme College as a confident 13 year old, from the Western Queensland town of Tara. By her own admission she tested the boundaries, of both the classroom and the Boarding house, before discovering her Fairholme family had grander plans for her and her future. Lauren's is a story of the commitment of our teachers, the strength of our College community, and its will to help Fairholme girls see they can do anything. Read more ›

Lassoing Dreams… A Year 12 Story

Gemma Somerset will leave Fairholme College this week with a diploma and a handful of other qualifications under her belt already. But it won't be enough for this ambitious teenager, who will spend the first year out of school as a stock hand in one of Australia's most beautiful regions. Read more ›

A Fairholme Friendship… A Year 12 Story

You often hear Fairholme Old Girls recalling friendships that were made at Fairholme, and have continued through many decades. A Fairholme friendship, they say, lasts a lifetime. Here is the story of one formed in the modern day. A pair of girls who have been inseparable since they first met. Read more ›

From Kindy Cute To Persevering - A Year 12 Story

More than a decade at Fairholme College has Christina Meelen ready for an adventure in a foreign country that she'll tackle with the resilience and perseverance she's learnt right here, on the grounds of her fair home. Read more ›

She Needs Wide Open Spaces - A Year 12 Story

Sometimes the dream is closer to home than you think. For Ellie Jenkinson the end of Year 12 at Fairholme marks her return to the family property. And she couldn't be happier. Read more ›

Farewell To A Fairholme Teacher

He is the face of Fairholme Service trips, a teacher of Science, a Lieutenant Colonel, a friend to staff, a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to Fairholme students - both past and present. Julian Turner will soon retire to return to travelling the world - not with the Australian Army, but with his wife. Read more ›