Tatum Stewart achieved an incredible OP score, despite being away for much of the year, representing Australia for Hockey. ‘With the amount of sport and training I had on this year, academics were still really important… Read more ›

The 2019 Shine

Fairholme’s 2019 cohort has recorded the best OP and QCS results on average in the past six years. Of note was that more than half the cohort achieved an OP score between 1 – 7. ‘We’ve had a very… Read more ›

Academic Success for 2019 Year 12 Cohort

Please join us in congratulating the 2019 Year 12 cohort: our special ‘half’ cohort and the last to complete Year 12 studies under the QCS system. This has been a distinctive and impressive group, evident through… Read more ›

Master Plan: Vision For A New Decade

A new decade will see a new chapter begin on the historical grounds of Fairholme, which began as a school in the old Homestead in 1917. Fairholme’s Board of Directors has recently signed off on a new Master Plan, developed… Read more ›

From Little Things…

Lucy O’Connor started at Fairholme in tiny tartan shorts with Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Harris, 14 years ago. ‘The most vivid memory I have is having to hold hands with a buddy while you walked to the library or… Read more ›

A Birthday To Remember

It was January 2018, and Caitlin McKenzie was on her way from the family farm after her birthday dinner with her parents. ‘It was two weeks before the start of the new school year, and we were driving home and I said… Read more ›