From Little Things…

Lucy O’Connor started at Fairholme in tiny tartan shorts with Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Harris, 14 years ago. ‘The most vivid memory I have is having to hold hands with a buddy while you walked to the library or… Read more ›

A Birthday To Remember

It was January 2018, and Caitlin McKenzie was on her way from the family farm after her birthday dinner with her parents. ‘It was two weeks before the start of the new school year, and we were driving home and I said… Read more ›

Tartan Ties

Olivia Durkin will take 15 years of friendships with her when she leaves Fairholme College this week. ‘The community and the friendships I’ve made here is something I will take with me – no matter where… Read more ›

A New Kind Of Holme-Sick

‘It’s bittersweet. I’m ready to go, and excited for what lies ahead… but I’m so very sad to leave Fairholme. A place that has become as much a home for me as the family farm is at home.’… Read more ›

From Plot to Plate

Our Year 12 girls have used money raised from selling their own 'holme-grown' produce to have a beautiful meal together, made from scratch with their own raw ingredients. The girls sat down to the meal in Daisy Culpin, celebrating a year of Ag study. Read more ›

A META Experience

Fairholme has joined forces with Toowoomba State High School, Lockyer District High School, Centenary Heights State High School and Clifton State High School to create a unique experience for art students. Read more ›