Skirting Her Education; Spinning Her Future

She has a dog called dog, spends her holidays skirting and cleaning wool on sheep farms, and hopes to one day own her own slice of farming land. Lily Veech travels seven hours to get home to Warren north west of Dubbo in New South Wales, but says being Boarder at Fairholme has given her the best of both worlds. Lily's story here Read more ›

Fairholme Formal 2018

It was red carpet, glamour and crowds of eager family and friends lining the edges of Fairholme's Palm Drive for the entrance of this year's senior cohort, for their much-anticipated Formal. Read more ›

Harmony Day

Mahsa Nabizada has represented Fairholme, speaking at both the International Interfaith Conference and the Harmony Day Nowruz celebration (Afghan's New year). In less than four years, this 13 year old migrant from Afghanistan has become fluent in English, and a Maths wiz. It's a long way from the danger of her home country, where she was forced to leave so much behind. Mahsa's story here:  Read more ›

Pride of Workmanship - Jenny Sutton

Jenny Sutton has been awarded the Pride of Workmanship award, after being nominated by Fairholme Principal, Linda Evans, as an employee who consistently achieves an overall high personal standard and work performance in the Boarding House. You'd be hard pressed finding a Boarder, current or past, who wouldn't have nominated Mrs Sutton themselves. By her own admission, Jenny Sutton was blessed with extra 'mothering genes'. Jenny's story here: Read more ›

Inspiring Women - Marhella Saltner

Marhella Saltner comes from a big family, full of boys. She lives in Murgon, in the South Burnett region. But this year, the 12 year old left all she's ever known, and moved into the Fairholme Boarding House. Marhella has laughed with new friends, cried herself to sleep through many homesick nights and discovered she really loves Maths. Read more ›

Inspiring Women - Monica Joseph

Monica Joseph came to Fairholme as a Boarder from Dalby, confident in Maths and ready to learn. She failed her first Maths exam. That early setback ignited the determination Monica needed to carve a career path that's led her to being appointed the first female Superintendent of Electrical Maintenance at Mount Isa Mines' Copper Concentrator. Somehow, she's even found time for a family, with two boys under two years of age, making her the ultimate role model for women in Engineering. Read more ›