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Renowned for a strong emphasis on swimming technique, Fairholme Aquatics Swim School delivers an aquatic education program based on quality rather than quantity.

Our goal is to have children graduate from our program with good skills and competency in every stroke, and to be able to demonstrate the rules and turns for each of the four strokes. Above all, our highest aim is that children are equipped to be safer in a water environment, having the ability to enjoy swimming as a playground for life.

All teachers are AUSTSWIM qualified and hold Swim Australia accreditation, and participate in further professional development each year.

Our swim school has won a variety of awards including:

  • AUSTSWIM’s Most Outstanding Contribution Award for Judy Dickinson
  • AUSTSWIM Best Swim School Newsletter
  • AUSTSWIM National Swim School of the Year
  • 10 Years Registration with Swim Australia

Learn to Swim Program

Infant Classes

A social outing for babies, these classes will help you and your infant learn about water confidence in a safe aquatic environment. Conducted during mornings in our heated indoor swimming pool, infant classes are a great opportunity for babies and parents to enjoy a special experience together, and also help with your child’s motor development, cognitive and communication skills.

We start our babies at 6 months of age, usually staying in the infant program until they are around 2.5 to 3 years of age. As songs often help the learning process for small children, our program delivers fundamental swimming safety skills through the use of bright and happy songs, sung by parents following the instructor’s lead.

  • Instructor to Parent/Infant Ratio: 1.8.
  • Class Duration: 25 mins

Levels 1 to 4

Level 1 is our entry level class for swimmers from 3 years of age, designed for swimmers leaving our infant program and their parent/carer for the first time as well as swimmers commencing formal lessons for the first time. The aim of this level is that swimmers feel comfortable and familiar in our aquatic environment, on their own.

Level 2 concentrates on the swimmer’s kick. Long legs, little kick, being able to push and glide with a board and kick independently.

Level 3 begins work on high arms and breath control.

Level 4 introduces a sound technical foundation for freestyle.

  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:4.
  • Class Duration: 25 mins

Levels 5 and 6

Level 5 reinforces the correct technique of freestyle, and introduces backstroke. This level includes transition from our 10m teaching pool to the 25m lap pool. Classes may be held in either until the swimmers have gained confidence in the big pool.

Level 6 introduces butterfly kicks whilst strengthening freetyle and backstroke. All Level 6 classes and higher are conducted in the 25m lap pool.

  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:6.
  • Class Duration: 30 mins

Beginner Squad and Mini Squad 

Students in Beginner and Mini Squads are strongly encouraged to swim up to three times per week to help build their skills, technique and endurance as they move towards the FAST squad program. FAST Track swimmers who swim more than once a week become entitled to our special FAST Track Multi Swim fees. Speak to our staff when making your term bookings.

Beginner Squad

Beginner Squad teaches the whole stroke of butterfly, along with the introduction of breaststroke kick. Concentrates on the correct technique of breaststroke.

  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:6.
  • Class Duration: 30mins

Mini Squad

Mini Squad completes the learning of all four strokes with correct technique, including starts, turns and finishes. The uppermost level of our Learn to Swim Program, Mini Squad equips swimmers with correct training skills in preparation for competition and Junior Squad (entry level for FAST Club squads). Drills and sprints to build fitness are a key component of this level.

  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:12.
  • Class Duration: 45 mins

FAST Track

FAST Track is an additional swim program available to all Beginner and Mini Squad swimmers. It is designed to encourage children to keep participating in swimming as a sport once they complete our Learn to Swim program.

FAST Track aims to help make the transition from Learn to Swim to FAST Club Squads clear in a fun way, so that children who are interested in continuing their swimming at squad level are supported in doing so.

Based on a nationally recognised program, FAST Track:

  • Offers members their own special FAST Track swim pack
  • Organises an annual visit from squad coaches and elite level FAST Swim Club swimmers
  • Invites swimmers in Beginner and Mini Squads to take part in FAST Swim Club’s Club

Nights and other special events, usually reserved only for squad swimmers.

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