College News

Year 12 Results 2016

We offer our sincere congratulations to our Year 12 students for their combined successes as a cohort. 

How Many Words Can you Paint?

Emerging artist Bronte Naylor believes a picture can literally paint a thousand words for students today. The Artist, also known as Noke, says she hopes Fairholme's art exhibition in 2017 will show young artists there's much more to their work than the end product. 

Gift of Music

Isabel Fitton knows first hand the benefits of a Fairholme Scholarship. The Music Scholarship recipient will enter Year 12 as the Captain for Instrumental Music in 2017, following a tremendously successful 2016. 

Farewell Fairholme

I remember Dr Evans saying, 'You will always take something from Fairholme - whether it be the friends, the sense of community or the life lessons.' I definitely think the sense of community, and the amazing people I've met is something I will remember for a very long time." 

Elyssa Rummell

Elyssa Rummell began her Fairholme journey in Year 4. She’s made dozens of friends, seen some come, and some go. But the photo of the girls standing in front of the Homestead is a replica of one taken in Year 9, and… 

Seniors 2016

Next week our Year 12 girls will leave the College grounds as students, and one day return as Fairholme Old Girls. They're adventures over the years and indeed in the last 12 months, have helped prepare them for a life beyond their Fair Holme. We wish them every success, as we share their stories.