College News

Climb Any Mountain

"Just give it a go. One kilometer at a time. That's applicable to any challenge in life. I just used that same mentality to make it through a Maths exam I sat 5 minutes ago. You get in there and try your hardest... who knows where you'll end up." - 16 year old Ellie Randall just 'got in there and had a go' at the Ride the Range 112km Event at the weekend, and was the first female to cross the finish line, in 3 hours 43 minutes. She's been riding long distance for just 5 months. 

Fitting Together the Pieces

Fairholme Junior School artistic talents will be front and centre at the opening of the next stage of Grand Central. Girls from Prep to Year 6 collaborated on a giant jigsaw puzzle to create a piece that reflects what Toowoomba means to them: Table Top Mountain, 'friendly, happy' people, flowers & gardens. The puzzle will be hung at the entrance to the new Woolworths on level 1 from 29 March. 

Meet A Fairholme Teacher

As she prepares for her 16th Fairholme Junior Musical, The Spirit of Fairholme, Belinda Eldridge reflects on the College she's felt at home with long before her teaching career began, how she's building the Fairholme pride of the next generation, and why her favourite holiday must always include mountain air, good coffee and best friend named Juliette. 

Crafting The Mackenzie Frenzie

Laura Craft is carving out a new track for girls in Mountain Biking, after taking out first place in the Oceanic Championships on one of the fastest and most popular downhill tracks. The thrill of the sport has the Fairholme trail blazer hooked, now she aims to introduce more girls to the tracks, and she's already convinced her Mum. 

Mind The Gap

They probably picked the worst month to settle into the Australian climate, but it will take more than an unusually hot Aussie summer to keep our Gap Students away from Fairholme. Hannah, Millie, Maitri and Pheobe have travelled from America and England to work in the Boarding House during a Gap year, and they say the best is yet to come. 

When Brunch Becomes Lunch

Travelling to towns where Boarder families feel at home, takes Fairholme out of its comfort zone. For just one day, academic and boarding staff are in the shoes of a Boarder parent. According to Principal, Linda Evans, it's worth every kilometre, every bogged car, every wrong turn and every beaten track.