College News

A Handfull of Home

Heather Harrison spent 25 years as the College Nurse at Fairholme. Originally from Aramac, and a Boarder at Fairholme in the 50s, she returned to the region with Principal, Dr Linda Evans and Head of Boarding, Margie Dunne, to visit future families and Old Girls. She met up with Old Girls who've faced indescribable tragedies, from heartbreaking droughts to the devastating loss of loved ones. It struck Sister Harrison, as they toured the dry and dusty outback, that the Fairholme determination and spirit is not easily broken. 

Home Is Everywhere, But No Where.

Grace Scanlon is a Boarder at Fairholme College, a long way away from her parents in Hong Kong. But for Grace, home is here at Fairholme, home is more than five thousand kilometers away, home is down the road at a Fairholme friend's house. There is no defining dwelling that spells out H O M E for this Boarder, and she is proud to call herself a third culture kid. 

She Can Do Anything

She can navigate more than 120 kilometres cross country in five days, carrying a 30 kilo body pack. She can live off 2 minute noodles, camp outside in freezing conditions, and has just survived one of the most arduous Adventure Training courses for teenagers in the nation. But, ask Stephanie Millar if she's ready for another adventure, and the answer is always, absolutely.  

Battling The Barkly Breeze

Emm Bambling finished at Fairholme in 2013, with her heart set on mustering cattle down a dusty road in outback Australia, into the arms of a handsome stockman. Reality set in pretty quickly but so did her fierce Fairholme determination. She hung in there, learnt a few new life lessons and surprised herself. As for romance, it might just be the Barkly Breeze that's won our Fairholme girl's heart. 

Meet A Fairholme Teacher

Kylie Wallis lives alongside hundreds of boys. She is a mother to 15 year old Tom, and a wife to Grammar Boarding Master, Tony. She loves fairy lights and gardening and plans on running a half marathon this year. But, when she makes an anxious Fairholme student a cup of tea, feeds them a sweet biscuit and helps them understand that everything will be ok, her most important job is done. 

Kamakura, Buddhas And Train Travel

Fairholme students, Scarlett Winter, Olivia Ross and Piper Warren have spent a day in Kamakura, taking selfies inside the famous Buddha, talking loudly on trains, eating western inspired food and discovering black sand on a local beach.