College News

Snapping History

Fairholme Old Girl, Edwina Robertson, toured her old 'home' today. Her ability to snap amazing photographs, coupled with her love for outback Australia, all began on the grounds in Wirra Wirra Street. 

Don't Fence Me In

As our Boarders head home for the holidays, many will be returning to properties to help their Parents work. One of our Year 10 girls will be helping her Dad finish a huge fencing project, in North West Queensland. 

Sheltered From The War

Joan Gratton (nee Mackay) class of 1943, shares her memories of Boarding School and the extraordinary measures that were put in place to protect students during the War Years. 

Life on the Land

Emma Hagan's heart belongs to the outback. She spends her days learning at Fairholme College, preparing for career on the land. 

Gold Girls On Top Of The World

Three former Fairholme girls are today on top of the world, literally. They've been part of the Women's Rugby 7s Team that has made history in Rio at 8.30am AEST, when they won Gold against New Zealand in a thrilling match. 

National Hockey

14 Year old Tatum Stewart has been selected to play at the Nationals for the Under 16's Hockey Team.