College News

Fair Scholarships

Talented musician, OP 1 student and now UQ Medicine student, Clara Lee, is all the inspiration needed to apply for a music scholarship at Fairholme. 

Bourke to Boarding

Up until a couple of weeks ago she'd never even played a team sport, or stepped inside a classroom. Now Katie McGrath is loving Science in a 'real lab', French lessons with a specialised teacher, and playing Basketball on Friday nights. The Boarder from Bourke is nearly 800 kilometres from home, and chances are, she won't be too homesick this weekend, when the mercury hits 46 degrees in the outback town. 

Pirouetting Around the World

From Bowenville to Budapest, and everywhere in between, there's not a pirouette Holly Bradley hasn't seen. In July, the 15 year old will be on show across Europe, along with some of the world finest ballerinas. 

Meet The Youngest Fairholme Boarder

Pennelope Skene may be the youngest Boarder at Fairholme in 2017, but she stands tall in the crowd, with her cheery disposition and positive outlook on her new journey, 'Penne' will be one to watch!  

Year 12 Results 2016

We offer our sincere congratulations to our Year 12 students for their combined successes as a cohort. 

How Many Words Can you Paint?

Emerging artist Bronte Naylor believes a picture can literally paint a thousand words for students today. The Artist, also known as Noke, says she hopes Fairholme's art exhibition in 2017 will show young artists there's much more to their work than the end product.