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Ms Naomi Aird  AssDip Lab Techniques

Laboratory Technician

Mrs Laura Anderson  BAppSci, GradDipAppSci, GradDip Teaching & Leaning, Cert IV T&A

Head of Stephens House, Careers Specialist

Mrs Vicki Anderson  BArts, GradDip of Teaching

Head of Powell House
Mrs Vicki Anderson

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 11 Ancient History B
  • Year 11 English A
  • Year 11 Study E
  • Year 12 Ancient History
  • Year 12 QCS English
  • Year 12 Sport/GetSmart
  • Year 12 English B
  • Year 12 Study D

Extra curricular involvement:

  • House activities (Organiser & participant)

Mrs Celia Andrew 

PA to Principal

Mr Cameron Andrews 


Ms Joanne Andrews  MInfSt, BArts(Honours), JP(Qual), AALIA

Library Technician

Mr Lance Andrews 

Highland Drums

Mrs Samantha Back  AdvCertBusComputing, Cert IV Libr & Info Serv.

Greta Junior (Library)

Mrs Katrina Bailey  DipT (Secondary), BEd, AMEB Speech and Drama

Speech & Drama Teacher, Co-ordinator of the Get SmART Festival

Mrs Brigid Baker  BCreativeInd(Dance), GDipEd

Dance Co-ordinator

Ms Jackie Barrie 

Boarding Supervisor
Ms Jackie Barrie

Mrs Ma Luisa Benedicto 

Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Ma Luisa Benedicto

Mr Anthony (Tony) Bennett  Fitter and Turner

Grounds and Maintenance Staff

Mrs Lynne Bennett  CertSchMkt (CMS), Cert IV Educ Support

Assistant to Head of Middle School

Mrs Annabel Berrigan  DipAgribus


Mrs Jillian Bialy  Cert III Bus Admin, CDec

Assistant to Head of Junior School

Mrs Caitlin Brassington 

Nurse - Casual

Mrs Fran Brazier  BSci, DipEd

Head of Science
Mrs Fran Brazier

Classes/Year levels teaching 2015:

  • Year 10 Science 1
  • Year 11 Biology B
  • Year 12 Chemistry A
  • Year 12 Biology A
  • Year 12 Sport/Get Smart
  • Year 12 Study A and B



Mr Shane Buckley  DipMultiMediaStudies

IT Coach

Mr Andrew Burow  BSc, BIT

Network Administrator

Mrs Pam Bushell 

Art Assistant

Ms Catherine Butler  BA, BEd, MEd (Guidance and Counselling)

Head of Ministry and Mission

Mrs Louise Buttsworth  BA, App Sc (Hons), MA, ATMusA, AMusA, Dip Counselling

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Piano
Mrs Louise Buttsworth

Ms Eva Caldwell 


Mr Jordan Campbell 

Learn to Swim Teacher
Mr Jordan Campbell

Miss Sarah Campbell  BEd (Sec)

Prep Tutor (Casual)

Mrs Janice Canning  Cert III Ed

Prep Assistant
Mrs Janice Canning

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Prep 2 day

Mr Derek Cantle   BA, DipEd, MEdAdmin(Hons)

Geography Teacher

Mr Chau Chuc  DipEd(Maths/Computing)

Head of Information and Communications Technology
Mr Chau Chuc

Classes & Subjects teaching 

  • Year 12 Information Tech Systems
  • Year 10 Sport

Key Responsibilities

1. Teaching & Learning

  • A commitment to classroom teaching
  • Support and facilitate the embedding of challenging ICT learning and teaching ideas through the entire College (K - 12)

2. Professional Development

  • Leadership and support of professional development in ICT activities for all College staff at formal and informal levies

3. Strategic & Operational

  • Research and advice to the College Board and the Leadership Team on future directions and ICT needs
  • Advise parents on future directions and ICT needs
  • Develop ICT facilities and services to support student learning
  • Leadership of ICT personnel in delivering services to the whole College
  • Liaise with external contractors and suppliers
  • Development and oversight of policies for students use of ICT resources

Mrs Debra Cochran  BEd(ECE)

Fairholme Junior Teacher
Mrs Debra Cochran

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 3

Extra-curricular involvement:

  • Bee-bots (programmable robots)


Mr Joseph (Joe) Conway  706/1 & 706/2 Cookery City and Guild of London, ULCA Pastry (Hons), Certs III and IV Training

Head Chef
Mr Joseph (Joe) Conway

Mrs Nicky Cooley 

Academic Aide Staff

Ms Constance Coverdale 

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Madison Craven 

Administrative Assistant (Aquatic Centre)

Mrs Lauren Crighton  BA Music; PG Dip Inst Teach

Visiting Arts Teacher

Mr Martin Crook  DSCM (Teaching/Performance)

Woodwind Teacher

Mrs Megan Crook  BMus (Perf)

Visiting Arts Teacher Cello/String, Year 2 String Assistant

Ms Katie Davidson  B.Ed (Prim,Sec), Cert III + IV Millinery

Home Economics Teacher
Ms Katie Davidson

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 6.2

Mr Rohan Davis  BA, DipEd

Head of English
Mr Rohan Davis


Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 10, 11 and 12 English
  • English Extension

Other Responsibilities

  • Powell House 6 Pastoral Care
  • Coordinator:  Debating, Public Speaking


Miss Sarah Day 

Boarding Supervisor

Miss Alyce Deeley 

Deputy Head of Boarding

Mrs Julie Devine 

Boarding Supervisor

Mrs Judy Dickinson  AUSTSWIM Teacher and Presenter, Royal Life Saving Trainer, CPR and First Aid Trainer

Head of Learn to Swim

Mr Alexander Dixon  BA(Mus), GDipEd, AMusA, GDipBusAdmin, MMusSt

The Arts Department, Head of Performance Music
Mr Alexander Dixon

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 8 Performance Music
  • Years 10, 11 and 12 Classroom Music
  • Year 12 Music Extension

Mrs Janet Dixon  Registered Nurse

Nursing Staff

Mr Ian Doneley  BSc(Hons), GDipT, Dip Career Guidance

Classroom teacher
Mr Ian Doneley

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 8 Maths 1
  • Year 9 Maths 3 
  • Year 10 Mathematical Methods A
  • Year 11 QCS Maths B A
  • Year 11 Maths B A
  • Year 12 QCS Maths A C
  • Year 12 Mathematics A C

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Study for Career Guidance
  • Stephens House 2 Pastoral Care

Ms Marguerite Dunne  BHMS(Ed)

Head of Boarding
Ms Marguerite Dunne

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 12 Life Skills A,B,C,D,E,F

Ms Lucy Easton  BSc, GDipEd

Science Teacher

Ms Elizabeth Egan  BMus

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Piano, Theory, Vocals
Ms Elizabeth Egan

Mrs Celia Egerton  BMus, GradDipMus, MEd, ATCL, LMusA

Visiting Arts Teacher Strings/Yr 2 String Teacher
Mrs Celia  Egerton

Mr Rod Egerton  BMus (Hons), GradDipMus, GradDipEd, ATCL

Co-ordinator of Instrumental Music
Mr Rod Egerton

Classes/Year level teaching 

  • Year 2 Strings
  • Years 7, 8 and 9 Music
  • Year 11 Get Smart

Extra-curricular involvement:

  • Pastoral Care Group MC5
  • Junior String Orchestra
  • Chamber Strings
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • String Quartets
  • Musical Production

Mrs Belinda Eldridge  BA(Mus), GDipT(MusPrim&Sec;)

Co-ordinator of Fairholme Junior Arts
Mrs Belinda Eldridge

Classes/Year levels teaching

Kindy to Year 6 Music

  • Years 2 to 6 Drama

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Years 3 to 6 Chorale

Mrs Dorothy Erdelyi  BEd(Sec)

Classroom teacher
Mrs Dorothy Erdelyi

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Prep German
  • Year 6
  • Year 7 German 3
  • Year 8 German A
  • Years 9 - 12 German
  • Year 12 Sport/Get Smart
  • Year 12 Physical Education E, F

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Panel Chair on the Toowoomba District German Panel
  • QSA German Panellist
  • Coordinator of 2011 Europe Culture and Cuisine Tour


Dr Linda Evans  EdD, MA, BEdSt, Dip T, MACE, MACEL

Dr Linda Evans

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 12 QCS English
  • Year 12 English C


Mrs Lois Fernandez  Registered Nurse

Nursing Staff

Mrs Tina Forbes 

HOLMEstore Shop Manager

Mr Mark Freeman  BBus, FCPA, MAICD

Business Manager

Mrs Jody Friend  BA, DipEd, ASDA

Head of LOTE, Head of Black House
Mrs Jody Friend

Classes/Year levels teaching 

  • Year 10 English
  • Years 8 to 12 Japanese

Co-curricular involvement:

  • Japanese After-School Help

Mrs Marguerite Gallagher 

Library & Information Services Staff - The Greta Centre, HOLMEstore Assistant

Mr Malcom Gaydon  Dip Creative Arts (Mus), BA (Mus), GradDipEd (Sec)

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Brass

Mr Craig Gibbens  BMus, BSci – Psychology (Hons)

Visiting Art Teacher Guitar, Guitar Ensemble
Mr Craig Gibbens

Ms Katrina Gierke  BEd, DipT(HPE)

Head of Cameron House
Ms Katrina Gierke

Classes/Year Levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 8, 10, 11, 12 Physical Education
  • Year 10 Physical Education
  • Year 12 Sport
  • Year 11 Senior Physical Education A B

Extra Curricular involvement:

  • Golden Glove Softball

Mrs Sharon Gilbert 

Teacher of Performance Music

Mrs Elsie Gimm  Cert IV Cooking

Senior Cook
Mrs Elsie Gimm

Mr George Goodsell  DipEd

Japanese Teacher

Mrs Leanne Grams  BA, DipEd

Classroom Teacher
Mrs Leanne Grams

Classes/Year levels teaching

  • Years 7 - 12 French

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Middle School PCG Teacher
  • French trips - Maison de St Claire, France, New Caledonia
  • French activities - dinners, movies, Bastille Day celebrations

Mrs Jenean Grant  BAppSc, GradDipT&L

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Lee-Ann Grantham  BA(PhysEd), HDE

Fairholme Junior PE Teacher
Mrs Lee-Ann Grantham

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Kindy - Year 6 Physical Education

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Aussie Hoops
  • Friday Night Basketball - Junior School
  • Auskick
  • Andrews Cup co-ordinator
  • Junior Cross Country coach
  • Co-ordinator of Junior School Sport & Interhouse Carnivals

Mr Tim Gray  BCA, GradDipEd (Secondary), AmusA, MMusTech

Jnr Band Conductor Music Technology Junior Band Year 4 Band
Mr Tim  Gray

Mrs Caitlin Greenhalgh  BArch (Hons), MMark, GradDipEd

Teacher of Mathematics

Classes/Year levels teaching:

  • Year 12 Mathematics B
  • Year 12 Mathematics A
  • Year 11 Mathematics B
  • Year 11 Mathematics A

Ms Lynette Grieve 

Coach - Softball

Mr Alexander Hall  BSc, GDipEd(Sec)

Classroom teacher - across schools
Mr Alexander Hall

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 9 Science 
  • Years 11 and 12 Biology
  • Year 12 Sport/Get Smart

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Middle Stephens 6 Pastoral Care

Mrs Tina Hammond  DipEd (Infants/Primary)

Learning Enhancement Assistant

Mrs Elaine Harris  BEd(GradEntry), BArts, GDipAdminStudies

Fairholme Junior Teacher
Mrs Elaine Harris

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 6.1

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Debating Co-ordinator
  • Optiminds Facilitator
  • Netball Coach
  • Academic Support
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Cadet Liaison Officer
  • 2DU Adjudicator

Mrs Sue Harris  Cert IV Teacher Aide Studies

Kindy Assistant
Mrs Sue Harris

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Kindy "D"

Ms Nicola Hayden  MMus, AMusA

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Flute
Ms Nicola Hayden


Year 4 Band

Junior Band

Jnr, Middle and Senior School Flute Ensemble

Mrs Karen Hayward  BEdSt, DipT(SecArt)

Head of The Arts
Mrs Karen Hayward

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 8 to 12 Art

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Eikon Art Group
  • Creative Generations Regional Coordinator
  • Co-production Musical 'The Music Man'


Ms Laura Healy 

Wellness Coach

Dr Carole Hill   PhD, GDipEd, PGBSc(Hons)

Head of Mathematics
Dr Carole  Hill

Classes/Year levels teaching:

  • Year 7 Mathematics
  • Years 9 to 12 Mathematics
  • Year 10 Mathematics Specalised B

Mrs Donna Hoare-Smith 

Accounts Payable and Payroll Officer

Ms Libby Hobson  GradDipEd(Sec), BA, MEd

Classroom teacher - across schools
Ms Libby Hobson

 Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Senior School English
  • Middle School Visual Art
  • Early Years Visual Art
  • Early Years Teacher Librarian




Ms Andrea Hohn  BEd, Cert III Education Support

Learning Enhancement Assistant/Relief Teacher

Miss Arlie Hollindale  BBus(Finance/Hospitality), GradDipEd(Secondary), CertIVCareers, CertIVTAE

Co-ordinator of Learning Pathways

Mrs Michelle Jackson  Cert IV Residential Care

Boarding Supervisor

Mrs Kit Johnson  B.Ed (Hum.Mo)

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Fleur Koch   Dip Management, Cert IV Project Management, Cert. IV WHS

Assistant to the Business Office

Mrs Helen Lange 

Publications, Promotions and Events

Ms Elizabeth Lawrence  BMus (Performance & Pedagogy), LMusA (Viola), LMusA (Violin)

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Strings
Ms Elizabeth Lawrence

Mrs Lindy Lawrence 

Learn to Swim Teacher
Mrs Lindy Lawrence

Mrs Clarissa Laws  Registered Nurse

Nursing Staff

Mrs Elizabeth Layton  Cert III Bus Admin

Administrative Assist (Junior School)

Mrs Christine Lebsanft   T Mus A, A Mus A

Visiting Music Teacher - Piano College Accompanist

Ms Jess Lysanowicz 

Learn to Swim Teacher
Ms Jess Lysanowicz

Ms Nancy Macks  BA(Drama), BEd Studies, GDipEd(Prim & Sec)

Co-ordinator of Senior Drama
Ms Nancy Macks

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 8, 9 and 12 Drama
  • Year 10 Get Smart

Extra curricular involvement:

  • PCG Middle Powell 4

Mrs Anne Maguire  Cert III Ed

Kindy Assistant
Mrs Anne Maguire

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Kindy N

Ms Katrina Maher  BBus, GDipEd

Classroom Teacher

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 11 and 12 Accounting
  • Years 11 and 12 Business Communication & Technology


Mrs Cathy Mason  BArts, DipT, ASDA, ATCL

Teacher of Senior English

Ms Michelle McCarron 

Junior School Teacher
Ms Michelle McCarron

Class Teaching in 2017:

  • Year 4.2

Mrs Laura McDonagh 

Learning Pathways Teacher

Mrs Angela McMahon  Registered Nurse

Nursing Staff

Mrs Joanne McMeekin 

Catering Assistant/Cook
Mrs Joanne McMeekin

Mr John McSweeney  DipAppliedScience (Horticulture)

Grounds and Maintenance Staff

Mrs Mandi-Joy Meise   BEd, Bachelor Degree: Fashion, NatDip: Clothing Design, Cert II Retail, HEIA

Home Economics Teacher/Assistant Head of Stephen House
Mrs Mandi-Joy  Meise

Yr 7 Design
Yr 10 Fashion & Textiles
Yr 11 Fashion & Textiles
Yr 12 Fashion & Textiles

Co-Curricular involvement:
Sewing After-School Help

Ms Meghan Middleton  B.Ed (Prim,Sec)

Head of Department, Middle School, Physical Education, Humanities, English

Miss Lauren Miller  BPMU BEd

Junior School Teacher
Miss Lauren Miller

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Prep

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Mathletics Co-ordinator

Mrs Elizabeth Moat 

Hygiene Services Staff

Mrs Lyn Mogg 

Catering Assistant
Mrs Lyn Mogg

Mrs Pauline Moore 

Learning Enhancement Assistant, Teachers Aid

Mrs Maree Morrison 

Boarding House Office Assistant

Miss Pendeza Msambya 

Kitchen Assistant

Ms Lea Munro 

Administrative Assistant (Sport)

Ms Karen Neale 

Learn to Swim Teacher
Ms Karen  Neale

Mr David Negus  BSports Science UNSW, Silver Licence Performance Coach

Junior Squad Coach & Events Coordinator

Mrs Sonya Nicol  MEd (Special Ed), BEd(Early Childhood), DipT

Fairholme Kindy Teacher
Mrs Sonya Nicol

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Kindy N

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Kindy N Pastoral Care
  • Project Team 'Kids Matter' Early Childhood

Mrs Jenny Noble  BA(Hons), MEd, GradCertEdandPub, MACE


Ms Allana Noyes  BA(Drama), AD-AMEB(Speech & Drama)

Visiting Tutor for The Arts - Speech & Drama
Ms Allana Noyes

Mrs Carla Oliphant  BA (Middle/Senior Teach)

Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Alison Ould 

Pathways Assistant

Mrs Kerry Parry 

Catering Assistant
Mrs Kerry Parry

Mr Stewart Peacock  BA, DipEd, Dip IMM

Head of Teaching and Learning
Mr Stewart Peacock

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 11 & 12 Mathematics A
  • Years 10 Science 5
  • Years 11 and 12 Workplace Maths
  • Years 11 and 12 QCS Workplace Maths

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Pastoral Care
  • R and B Band

Mrs Jen Perrignon 

Greta Junior (Library)

Ms Hannah Phillips 

Learning Enhancement Assistant

Mrs Antoinette Porter  BSc(Hons)

Library & Information Services Staff - TLC Library

Mrs Brigitte Powell  BEd(Prim) (PhysEd)

Physical Education Teacher
Mrs Brigitte Powell

Classes/Year Levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Physical Education
  • Years 10 & 11 Sport
  • Year 12 Senior Physical Education

Extra Curricular involvement:

  • Coaching of: Cross-Country, Middle Distance, Touch Football and Swimming

Mrs Marita Ramia 

Communications and Community Engagement Manager

Ms Helen Rasmussen  BEd, DipT, MACEL, Dip Ch'ns Services, Cert III in Ch'ns Services

Deputy Head of Fairholme Junior
Ms Helen Rasmussen

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Prep to Year 6

Mrs Karen Reading  BEd(Primary)

Fairholme Junior Teacher
Mrs Karen Reading

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 2

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Netta Coaching
  • Book Club Co-ordinator
  • Kids Matter Co-ordinator

Mrs Emily Reeves  BBusMgt, BLaw, GDipLegalPrac, GDipL&T(Prim)

Junior School Teacher
Mrs Emily Reeves

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 5.2

Ms Emma Reidy  BAppSc(Psych), GDipEd(Sec)

Home Economics Teacher

Mrs Gillian Reynoldson 

Boarding Supervisor

Mrs Kirsten Riordan  Registered Nurse, BN, RIPRN

Nurse Manager

Mrs Jaye Ross  BEd, MEd

Head of Middle School
Mrs Jaye Ross

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 8 Life Skills
  • Year 9 English

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Middle Stephens 3 Pastoral Care

Mrs Gila Rouse 

Supply Teacher (Junior School)

Mrs Christel Ryley 

Accounts Receivable Officer

Ms Melanie Salisbury 

School Officer - Junior School Relief

Mrs Rachel Sanders 


Mr Brian Schmacker  BIT, GradDipEd

Classroom Teacher & IT Co-ordinator
Mr Brian Schmacker

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 7 Mathematics
  • Years 7 to 11 Business Technology
  • Year 11 Sport/Get Smart

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Middle Cameron 6 Pastoral Care
  • Computer Club - Year 6

Mrs Leigh Schutt 

Hygiene Services Staff

Ms Alana Scott 


Mr Malcolm Scott 

Grounds and Maintenance Staff

Ms Rebecca Scott  BEd (Sec)

Learning Enhancement Teacher
Ms Rebecca Scott

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 7 English
  • Year 7 Humanities

Rebekah Scott 

Christian Education and Visual Arts - Junior School

Ms Kim Scudamore  BEd, BA

Head of Humanities

Mr John Sessarago  DipT(PE), ASSA

Classroom teacher
Mr John Sessarago

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 7, 9 to 12 Physical Education
  • Years 11 and 12 Sport

Co-curricular interests/involvement:

  • Softball
  • Touch
  • Athletics

Mrs Kristen Sessarago  BBus, GradDipTeach

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Fay Sexton  Cert III in Child Care & Educ, Cert IV Library & Information Services

Prep Assistant
Mrs Fay Sexton

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Prep 3 day

Mrs Tracey Sexton 

Equestrian Co-ordinator

Ms Catrina Sharp  GCEdLaw, GradDipFET, BA(Creative), MACEL

Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School
Ms Catrina Sharp

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 10 Life Skills
  • Year 8 Music

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Interact Club
  • Wellness Leadership Committee
  • Senior Stephens 6 Pastoral Care

Mrs Donna Smith  Diploma of Leadership & Management, JP (Qual)

Assistant to Head of Boarding

Mr Malcolm Smith 

Grounds and Maintenance Staff

Ms Pauline Smith  MEd, GradDipSpecEd, DipT, DipESL, ATCL – Speech and Drama,

Junior & Middle School Boarding Coordinator

Mrs Tani Sparke  BN

HOLMEstore Assistant

Ms Pam Stains  MA (Guidance and Counselling), BEd (Primary), MACE

Co-Ordinator of Greta Junior
Ms Pam  Stains

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 4.2

Mrs Emma Stephan 

Learn to Swim Teacher
Mrs Emma Stephan

Mrs Angie Stephens 

Assistant to the Arts Department

Mrs Dana Stephens  BASc, Cert III Bus Admin

Assistant to Head of Teaching & Learning

Ms Rebecca Stone 

Assistant to Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Mrs Helen Surch  Registered Nurse

Nursing Staff

Mrs Jenny Sutton  DipT(EC)

Assistant to the Boarding House - Pastoral Care

Mrs Rita Tamone 

Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Rita Tamone

Mr Shane Tessmer 

Facilities, Projects and Compliance Manager

Mrs Anne Thomas  ATCL, LTCL (Teachers), TMusA

Jnr School Accompanist
Mrs Anne Thomas

Miss Lauren Threlfall  BEd

Junior School Teacher
Miss Lauren Threlfall

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 4.1

Ms Mary Timmer  BEd, AssocDip(ECE), GradCertTESOL

Classroom teacher
Ms Mary Timmer

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Year 7 Maths
  • Years 7 and 8 Science

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Year 7 Maths Olympiad
  • Year 7 Maths Team Challenge
  • Year 7 Debating

Mrs Erin Tonscheck  BEd, DipEd (Primary)

Head of Fairholme Junior

Mrs Doreen Torrance  DipEd

Middle School Teacher/Assistant Head of Black House
Mrs Doreen Torrance

Classes/Year levels teaching:

  • Years 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics
  • Year 8 Science
  • Year 9 English

Extra curricular involvement:

  • PCG Teacher for Middle Black 4

Mrs Stephanie Tredinnick 


Mrs Paula Tregaskis 

Reception & Enrolments Assistant

Mr Tony Tregaskis  BEd, DipT

Head of Sport
Mr Tony Tregaskis

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:


Mrs An Van Cauwenberge  MTransSc, GradDipT

French Teacher
Mrs An Van Cauwenberge

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 1 to 6 French
  • Years 8 and 12 French

Ms Sandra van der Stelt  DipGraphicDesign, CertIVPhotoimaging

Publications, Promotions and Events Assistant

Mrs Jane van Gend 


Ms Eduarda van Klinken 

Junior School Teacher
Ms Eduarda van Klinken

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 1


Mrs Emily Veal  BMusEd, Dip Dalcroze, Cert IV Workplace, Training & Assessment

Enrolments Officer

Mrs Kylie Wallis  BT, GradDipEd(SpecEd), COGE, MEd(GE), MEd(GuidandCouns)

Co-ordinator Learning Enhancement
Mrs Kylie  Wallis

Classes/Year levels teaching 2015:

  • Year 7 English
  • Year 7 Humanities
  • Years 11 and 12 Prevocational Mathematics 

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Learning Enhancement

Mr Andrew Walsh  MTeach (Sec); BBus (Econ)


Ms Bronwyn Walsh 

Boarding Supervisor

Mr Peter Webb  BEd, CertEd

Fairholme Junior Teacher
Mr Peter Webb

Classes/Year levels teaching 2017:

  • Year 5.2

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Year 4.2 Pastoral Care
  • Scholastic Book Club
  • Club G
  • WH&S Representative
  • Year 5 Maths Support
  • Year 4/5 Camp co-ordinator
  • Co-ordinator epilepsy Trivia Quiz

Ms Courtney Webster  BEd(EC), DipT

Fairholme Junior Teacher (Kindy)
Ms Courtney Webster

Classes/Year levels teaching:

  • Kindy "W"


Mrs Colette Whell  AdvDipAcc, CertIVBus(SBM), CDec

Administration Manager

Mr Ken Whittle  BAppSc, DipEd

Classroom Teacher
Mr Ken Whittle

Classes/Year levels teaching 2015:

  • Year 10 Mathematical Methods
  • Year 8 Food and Fashion
  • Years 11 and 12 Physics
  • Year 10 Science


Ms Roberta Whitton 

Teacher Aide (Junior School/LEC)

Ms Karen Wighton  BA(Perf), GDipT (Sec)

Co-ordinator of Middle School Drama
Ms Karen Wighton

Classes/Year levels teaching 2015:

  • Year 7 Performance
  • Year 8 Drama
  • Year 9 Drama
  • Years 8 & 10 English
  • Get  SmART Arts Festival
  • Sport

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Facilitator Middle School Creativity Group, Vignettes / Crafternoon
  • Director of Middle School Play


Ms Natasha Williams  BEd(Prim)PhysEd, MEd

Head Physical Education

Mrs Fiona Winton  BArts, DipEd

Classroom Teacher

Classes/Year levels teaching 2016:

  • Years 10, 11 and 12 English
  • Year 10 Humanities

Extra curricular involvement:

  • Middle Cameron 2 Pastoral Care
  • Year 11 Debating
  • Co-ordinator - Voices on the Range

Ms Hayley Wolff 

Youth Squad Swim Coach, Coach - Water Polo, Learn to Swim Teacher

Mr Martin Zarb  BA Business (Hospitality Management), DipHotel Management, AustWine Studies, CertMarketing

Catering Manager
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