Welcome to Senior School

Senior schooling at Fairholme is a dynamic phase of learning, living and leading which nurtures the girls’ abilities to be successful and courageous women in all they do.

…there is learning in every moment…

The girls in Years 10 to 12 are immersed in a learning phase that enriches and responds to their individual journey; it can be a time of discovery or purposeful specialisation - or both, as the girls explore their academic, vocational and service learning opportunities.

In addition to traditional academic pursuits, it seems that whatever their passion, our girls are able to engage in rich learning within The Arts and Sport, through Cadets, amidst a range of Service activities and via the leadership structure in the Senior School.

Accomplished, enthusiastic and devoted practitioners lead the girls in capturing and maximising each moment from which valuable learning can evolve. They are well cared for within our highly-effective system of community pastoral care which provides valuable support that enables them to feel comfortable stretching boundaries in their learning. Such care also empowers the girls to manage relationships effectively and restoratively, while encouraging them to be aware of the importance of being critical contributors within the organisations to which they belong now and in the future.

Nurturing skills in independent learning and healthy relationships, the Senior School experience is focused on enabling girls to navigate their learning and life experiences so that they may become spirited, skilled and courageous women who strengthen and inspire our communities.