The Greta Centre

The Geta Centre Libraries at Fairholme are dynamic environments which empower students and support 21st century learning.

They are not just places for reading in, but they are places for thinking, exploring, creating, collaborating… which means they are rarely silent!

The College operates two centres for learning:

  • The GRETA Centre - servicing Middle and Senior School staff and students
  • GRETA Junior - servicing Fairholme Junior staff and students

What’s in a Name?

The GRETA Centre provides a place to put our College values into practice…


God is at the heart of Fairholme. Our Christ-centred Faith informs, and underscores, everything we do. It guides our practice as teachers, and provides the foundation for our interactions with all members of the College community and so it forms the foundation for the GRETA Centre also.

R & E

Through this foundation of faith, we encourage respect for, and enjoyment of, our learning. There is a palpable and infectious sense of delight in every classroom one enters that is bolstered by an overarching reverence for the great importance of learning that makes Fairholme such a special place to work and learn. These values are ones we strive to emulate in the GRETA Centre whenever students visit with us.


Such a platform as this fosters teamwork at every turn. We are all steadfastly committed to work together in order to achieve the best outcomes for students. The GRETA Centre is a place where we make this learning visible to all members of the College community – a place in which collaboration thrives.


Finally, there is aspiration. Through various zones such as the Fairground, Fairholme’s bespoke makerspace, and facilities such as our green room, the GRETA Centre provides a place in which students and staff can interact with resources, ideas and with each other, as they share positive and enriching learning experiences – where they can seek excellence.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm.

Greta Centre Team

Head of GRETA Centre

Ms Libby Hobson

T 07 4688 4660


Library Assistants

Mrs Ann Peacock

Mrs Antoinette Porter

Fairholme Gretta Centre
Fairholme Gretta Centre
Fairholme Gretta Centre
Fairholme Gretta Centre
Fairholme Gretta Centre
Fairholme Gretta Centre