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Kaleidoscope Concert Series 2020

Year 10 Visual Art | Crayon on black card Still Life studies.

In addition to the Year 10 lino block prints that were shared in the last newsletter, the girls also produced a still-life drawing using wax crayons on black card this term – a challenging technique where blending of colours and layering of medium is required to create the desired opacity and tonal rendering of form. We hope you enjoy seeing these works. Great work, girls!

Co-curricular Drama | Troupe de Loop in Term 3

After school each Monday afternoon, a small group of students meets for the enjoyment of participating in Troupe de Loop, a co-curricular drama group. This term, they have enjoyed a variety of drama games and activities to develop spontaneity, creative thinking and dramatic expression.

There have also been opportunities this term to participate in improvisation. With minimal planning and no rehearsal, characters and scenes appear on stage, and if it is a whole-group scenario, students act simultaneously as devisor, performer and audience.

Characterisation has been given some focus recently: the students are required to play a role based on their imagination or a stimulus and must convey ideas about that character’s attitude through physical and vocal expression. On occasion, costumes and masks have been used to aid in the representation of characters, in order to see the world from a different viewpoint, or where momentarily, they have the chance to see the world from a different point of view by ‘walking in the shoes’ of another.

Year 10 Visual Art | Multi-coloured Reduction Lino Prints

The Year 10 Art students are putting the final layers on their Multi-coloured Reduction Lino Print works that they began working on in Term 1 this year, but had to ‘shelve’ when they moved to learning at home. The works were inspired by the architecture of Queensland’s historical and contemporary home designs, some of which can be found in and around East Toowoomba, whilst other works take you on a metaphorical journey to some far-off holiday destination. The girls have created an edition of five prints, learning about the editioning process, artist proofs and the challenges associated with cutting the block and selecting effective colour combinations. Congratulations to all of the Year 10 Art students!

Queensland Theatre | The Scene Project 2020

Year 10 Drama participated in The Scene Project on August 25 at The Empire Theatre. Fairholme College has been involved in this participatory event since its inception six years ago. The class presented an ensemble piece in response to Davis Burton’s play Wisdom. This was an original 15-minute performance which looked at the wider moral issues addressed by the play, such as personal freedom, monetary gain from scientific research and the use of test subjects for new drug development. The performance was highly satirical in nature and aimed to illustrate how comedy can be used effectively to heighten the tragedy of any situation. Congratulations to the following girls on their work – Cosme Mc Phie, Harriet Davoren, Libby Clark, Yulita Kahlil, Quinn Proctor and Millie Betts-Jackson, and their teacher, Ms Nancy Macks.

The Year 9 Drama class also participated in the Scene Project Outcome Day at the Empire Theatre’s Armitage Centre, presenting the work they had prepared under the direction of their teacher, Ms Karen Wighton. Congratulations to all of the Year 9 Drama students!

Crème de la Crème Concert | Congratulations!

On Friday night, 7 August, the annual Crème de la Crème Concert was held in the College Assembly Hall, in front of a wonderful audience of ‘socially distanced’, but extremely supportive parents, family members, staff and students. The concert was absolutely fabulous, not only because it was one of the first performance opportunities that we have been able to enjoy in a long time; but also because of the truly magnificent musical talents on display.

Congratulations to our Year 12 Music Extension students, Breanna Collins, Emma Johnson and Lily Marsden, who each produced impressive performances for their final assessment items. Adjudicators, Mr Alex Dixon, Head of Performance Music at Fairholme College, and Ms Wendy Evans, Teacher in Charge of Senior Music at the Toowoomba Grammar School, were extremely impressed by the high standard of the performances given by the girls, which showcased their outstanding ability in engaging the audience through their mature, elegant and sophisticated stage presence.

Congratulations is also conveyed to Eliza Kingston, our Year 10 Marjorie Milliken Music Scholarship recipient, on her stunning violin performance. Eliza is currently preparing for her Grade 8 AMEB Violin examination and performed two of the four pieces she has been perfecting. In addition, Year 12 student, Breanna Collins, our Lindsay Statham Memorial Music Scholarship recipient, performed an additional item in the evening’s program, showcasing her amazing skills with this instrument, as she too prepares for her Grade 8 AMEB Violin examination.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to all of the Music staff who professionally guided, mentored and supported these girls in being well prepared for this concert: Mr Dixon (Head of Performance Music), Mr Egerton (Co-ordinator of Instrumental Music), Mrs Crighton (Teacher of Flute), Mrs Egerton (Teacher of Upper Strings), Ms Scott (Co-ordinator of the Fairholme Singing Studio) and piano accompanists, Mrs Lebsanft and Mrs Duane.

Thank you also to all of the parents, family members, staff and students who came along to show their support and enjoy this fantastic Crème de la Crème concert. Your support, as always, is truly appreciated.

P&F Funding | MiScreen Printmaking System

Earlier this year, the P&F Funding Approvals Committee kindly agreed to fund the purchase of a revolutionary screen printing system that allows the creation of computer-to-screen image making, permitting the transfer of designs directly from time-based media to artwork.

With the resumption of face-to-face classes, the MiScreen system has been used by our co-curricular Senior Eikon Art Group and by students completing their academic studies. The Eikon girls who were asked to created ‘Zentangle Animal’ images whilst in isolation have now returned to school and have begun to use the MiScreen system to converted their drawings into screen prints on calico bags. Furthermore, Year 12 Art student, Jessica Wehl, has been using the new technology to explore the process of palimpsest as part of her current IA2 Body of Work.

This exciting printmaking system has myriad applications that will certainly become more evident as the MiScreen Kit is used within the Arts Department and across the sub-schools.

If it were not for the generous financial support provided by the P&F Committee, such educational opportunities to engage with contemporary technologies would not have been possible, and so we wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the P&F Committee for their ongoing support of the Arts programs at Fairholme.

Senior School Drama | Scene Project, Three Sisters and ‘Antigone’ in the Amphitheatre

Year 10 Drama have been busy improvising scenes based on themes of identity, empathy and the circle of life. These improvisations will be developed into a performance as part of Queensland Theatre Company’s The Scene Project.

Year 11 Drama have finished their assessments. For post-assessment practical work they have prepared some excellent monologues from the play, Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov.

Year 12 Drama performed an excerpt from the Sophocles play, Antigone, in the Middle School amphitheatre last Friday afternoon for a small number of invited guests, utilising their masks that they created in class.

Barbara Sisley Awards in AMEB Drama & Performance | Five Fairholme ‘Highest in State’ Results

Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (American essayist, lecturer & poet)

Effective communication skills are perhaps the most powerful and essential life skills to harness.

The ability to communicate confidently and to clearly and creatively convey your message is not only a highly sought-after skill in the workforce but also indispensable in our day-to-day interactions with others.

At Fairholme, our comprehensive Speech and Drama Individual Tuition Program builds on the classroom development of our students’ communication and presentation skills, giving students the opportunity to further enhance their skills in interpersonal communication, presentation, performance and public speaking.

Mrs Allana Noyes and Mrs Katrina Bailey were delighted to hear that five of our Speech and Drama students, Jenna Tomlinson (Year 11 - Grade 5 AMEB), Libby Clark (Year 10 - Grade 4 AMEB), Emmi Lange (Year 7 - Grade 2 AMEB), Lucinda Rose (Year 6 - Grade 2 AMEB) and Richa Vimal (Year 5 - Grade 1 AMEB) were recently recognised for their outstanding achievements, each receiving a prestigious Barbara Sisley Award.

The Barbara Sisley Awards are presented annually by the Communication Speech and Performance Teachers Inc. to recognise the State’s highest achievers in the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Drama and Performance exams and Trinity College London Speech and Drama exams in the previous year.

The girls were privileged to receive their awards based upon their exceptional results in the 2019 AMEB Drama and Performance exams; each girl achieved the highest result in Queensland for their respective AMEB grade exam.

All girls have been invited to perform at Parliament House; however, in light of the current climate, the event has been postponed.

Our warmest congratulations to Jenna, Libby, Emmi, Lucinda and Richa - we are so very proud of you.

Karen Hayward | Head of Arts