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Co-production Launch 2021 | ‘The Show Must Go On!’

In planning for the Fairholme College and Toowoomba Grammar School Co-production in 2021, staff from both schools have been tasked with the creative challenge of delivering a highly professional, polished production that also meets current (and possibly future) COVID-safe requirements.

Given the celebrated history of outstanding shared Musicals between Fairholme College and Toowoomba Grammar School since 2003, we are excited to announce that the co-production for 2021 will be ‘The Show Must Go On!’ This will be a stunning Musical Medley that celebrates past musicals that our schools have showcased throughout the years; as well as some we would love to explore. The contemporary nature of this concept has never been seen before on the Empire Theatre Stage although, interestingly, it is currently being developed in London’s West End!

A large number of interested students from both schools gathered together in the Assembly Hall on Monday, 23 November to hear about the exciting Co-production Launch. This fantastic opportunity will offer students in Years 7-12 a wonderful performance experience like no other. Students will engage with myriad numbers from these productions and others that will provide solo, small-group and large-chorus routines, requiring vocal, choral, and dramatic and dance talent.Adding to this co-production uniqueness is the decision to present the final outcome as a refined big-screen film presentation.

Toowoomba Virtual Secondary Performing Arts Festival 2020 | More Impressive Results!

We are thrilled to announce that we have now received the final adjudication results for all of sections of the Toowoomba Secondary Virtual Performing Arts Festival. All of our participating music ensembles have received an award of either Silver or Gold… which is extremely exciting news in amongst a rather unusual year.

Details are:

  • Fairholme Brass Ensemble - SILVER
  • Fairholme Symphonic Wind Band - GOLD
  • Fairholme Flute Ensemble - SILVER
  • Fairholme Stage Band - SILVER
  • Fairholme Middle Chamber Choir - SILVER
  • Fairholme Senior Chamber Choir - SILVER
  • Fairholme Chamber Strings - GOLD
  • Fairholme Symphony Orchestra - GOLD

Congratulations to all of these talented Ensemble Members and their dedicated Conductors and Accompanists.

Year 9 Visual Art | ‘Self-Portrait Studies’

The dedicated Year 9 Visual Art students have shown great perseverance in completing a task that they started planning in Term 1 this year, prior to Learning at Holme. As it required the use of a wide range of different materials and equipment, the task had to be shelved at that point, but was resumed this term and the final works have now been completed.

Inspired by the 2012 Archibald Prize Winning self-portrait by Australian Artist, Tim Storrier’s, ‘The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)’, the girls‘ final self-portraits reveal much about their individual personalities, character traits and positive influences in their lives.

Congratulations, girls, on yet another successful task this year!

Year 8 and 11 Music Assessment Showcase | ‘November Nuances’ Recital

As the year concludes, it is wonderful to witness the learning growth that has taken place throughout the year and this was clearly evident at this year’s annual ‘November Nuances’ Recital. The evening showcased the Year 8 Performance Music and the Year 11 Music & Music Extension students, as they admirably and confidently performed their selected items for their end of year assessment, impressing all who attended. The students were be supported by Mr Dixon, Mrs Christine Lebsanft, Mrs Elizabeth Egan and Mr Rod Egerton and as well as their individual Instrumental and Vocal Music tuition teachers. Thank you to all who attended and congratulations to all of the performers on yet another wonderful recital.

Toowoomba Virtual Secondary Performing Arts Festival 2020 | Impressive Achievements!

‘I loved the energy and also the presentation of your very large and well-balanced orchestra.’ Professor Rob McWilliams

Congratulations to the College Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Strings for their Gold awards, and to the Middle and Senior Chamber Choirs for their Silver awards in the recent Toowoomba Virtual Secondary Performing Arts Festival. While we are still awaiting adjudication of the Stage Band, Symphonic Wind Band, Flute Ensemble and Brass ensemble due to the vagaries of the continuing world of online and remote communication, the experience of preparing, recording and submitting performances for external feedback has given our music performance groups a valuable sense of purpose in the second half of the year.Thank you to all of the conductors and accompanists of these ensembles for their efforts in preparation, for not only this event, but throughout 2020.

Independent Education Union | 2020 Awards for Excellence in Art Design

The Independent Education Union held their Awards for Excellence in Art Design competition this year and a number of Fairholme students’ works were submitted. The outcome of this state-wide competition saw two Fairholme students’ works receive High Commendations. Congratulations to Year 4 student, Katelyn Morey and Year 7 student, Lily Cameron. Both girls were presented with their certificates at the Junior and Middle/Senior School Assemblies respectively, this week. Congratulations to both Katelyn and Lily on their achievements in the 2020 Independent Education Union Art Awards.

Year 10 Art | Animal Abstractions

The Year 10 Visual Art students were presented with yet another creative challenge this term as part of their academic studies. Both Making and Responding tasks required the students to ‘unpack’ the Elements and Principles of Design in developing a deeper understanding of visual literacy, engaging in an intersection of lateral thought and practice. The Making task required students to utilise a limited colour-palette drawn from their selected tissue paper-prepared background to tonally-render the shapes, forms, textures and unique patterns of their chosen animals. Visual Art has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential and this is clearly evident in the works produced by the year 10 students. Congratulations, girls!

Fairholme Singing Studio | End-of-Year Recital

Congratulations to Ms Alana Scott (FSS Co-ordinator) and the impressive young singers of the Fairholme Singing Studio on their wonderful performances at this year’s recital. Providing not only a wonderful performance opportunity for students from the Junior, Middle and Senior schools to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year for family members, friends and teaching staff, the Recital also allows these young singers to show how much they have grown in confidence and ability as each year passes.

This year’s Guest Adjudicator, Meg Kiddle, who graduated from Queensland Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice) and a Masters in Music Studies (Vocal Pedagogy - Contemporary Voice), provided some very encouraging feedback to all of the performers and awarded the following acknowledgements:

The ‘Singer of the Day’ awards were presented to Year 5 student, Brooke Johnson (Junior School Award), Year 8 student, Alana Callaghan (Middle School Award) and Year 12 student Lilly Marsden (Senior School Award).

In addition, Ms Alana Scott presented ‘Encouragement’ awards to Year 5 student, Avantika Saji (Junior School, Year 7 student, Rori Zimmerman and Year 11 student, Tayla Hargreaves (Senior School).

‘Singer of the Year’ in 2020 was a joint presentation to Year 12 students, Emma Johnson and Lilly Marsden.

Year 11 Art | Meta Experience Day 2020

On Thursday 15 October, the Year 11 Art students participated in their ‘Meta Authentic Experience Day’ in response to the new Senior Visual Art Syllabus requirements, where they are required to engage with actual and original art forms through participation in a live experience. This year’s program included an array of creative opportunities, such as a site visit to the Toowoomba Regional Arts Gallery to view the ‘Breaking News: Captain Cook’ and ‘Artificial Paradise’ exhibits; documenting the built environment and our connection to Place; taking in the Labyrinth at St. Luke’s Church; visiting Picnic Point and learning about the Battle of One Tree Hill; looking into the past through the history of Harlaxton House and the Quarry; recording sound bites, completing creative challenges throughout the day and exploring one’s own identity through continuous line self-portraits inspired by the work of local artist, Alice Rigby.

In response to the stimulus materials and first-hand experiences presented during the course of this Meta Experience Day, students must now develop and frame their own self-directed inquiry question, which will underpin their Unit 3 and Unit 4 Bodies of Work.

Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art | Online Exhibition 2020

The annual Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art have been held again this year, although via a virtual process and online gallery. These Awards recognise and promote excellence in senior visual art education throughout Queensland state and non-state schools.

Since 1990, the program has helped raise community awareness of the degree of sophistication in concepts, diversity of technical competence, and the high standard of visual art education in Queensland secondary schools.

This year, Fairholme College was admirably represented by four of our Year 12 Art Students: Zarabella Bambling, Paisley Collison, Ruth Johnston and Imogen Mason.

Zarabella Bambling’s work was entitled, ‘Lineage of the land’, a 40 panelled, repetitive study of semiotics and motifs that resonate with her family property ‘Penwhaupell’, her connection to land, and her Australian heritage.

Paisley Colliosn’s work, ‘Admissions Office’, a large-scaled work on two timber doors, explores the paradox between segregation and belonging and society’s negative perceptions of difference.

Ruth Johnston’s work, ‘River Cycle’, explores her strong connection to country using timber from dead gums on her property and recycling them into canvases, embellished with lino block prints of images of the riverbed on the property, which have then been engraved with a Dremel.

Imogen Mason’s work, ‘When All Else Fails’ - stems from the resultant schisms between perceptions and plays on traditional installation roles. Used as a visual symbol for difference, the 600 scrambled, yet orderly, night vision photographs of subjects standing in the school dark room, showcase the true concept of ‘the lens’.

To view the Virtual Exhibitions, please see: 2020 Digital regional exhibitions ›

Congratulations to all four Fairholme Girls on your impressive works!

Curtain Call 2020 | Arts Awards Presentation Evening

The annual Curtain Call Arts Presentation Evening was held on Thursday 8 October in the College Assembly Hall and via a Live Stream Link to myfairholme. The Interhouse Arts Competition short-listed entry nominees were announced, with certificates presented being to the winners in each category. In addition, the annual Arts Awards acknowledging the outstanding contribution and service to the various Arts Disciplines throughout the year. We congratulate and thank Gabby Pellow, Breanna Collins, Isabelle Watts, Emma Johnson, Hannah Pocknee, Katie Wright, Amelia O’Dea, Imogen Saunders, Natalie Kehoe, Ruth Johnston and Aisling Teahan their contribution to the Arts in 2020.

In addition, The Bob Balsillie Memorial Award for the Prefect of The Arts (gift of SOFA) was presented to Emma Johnson and the trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the promotion of the Arts at Fairholme to the wider community was awarded to the Instrumentalists, Dancers and Vocalists who performed at the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation’s ‘Women of Strength’ Fundraising Luncheon. A presentation was also made to Mrs Kit Johnson (SOFA Committee President) in appreciation of her leadership, support and advocacy of The Arts over the past three years.

Thank you to all of the students who have been involved in the Arts Co-curricular offerings this year, your contribution is sincerely appreciated and greatly valued.

Kaleidoscope Concert Series 2020

Karen Hayward | Head of Arts