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Kaleidoscope Concert Series 2020

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The online teaching and learning challenge in recent weeks has been exciting for both staff and students in The Arts, resulting in some unique and innovative approaches being adopted and implemented, along with some new learning for all!

Through online forums such as myFairholme, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Flash and Outlook Email, staff and students have been able to engage in a myriad of learning opportunities that have facilitated a continuation of the academic programs.

Arts Lessons have included:

Dance Choreography, students have performed and uploaded video of individual performances for feedback from Mrs Choice. They’ve even been challenged to ask family members to learn and perform the choreography with them!

A ‘Humming’ Choral Rehearsal for College and Senior Chamber choirs that was hugely successful and saw the highest number of participants this term, spread out across P23, under the direction of Mr Dixon and Mrs Lebsanft.

Mr Egerton’s Year 7 Music students have moved on to their next unit of work online, involving the study of FAMOUS PIECES. Lessons have included a combination of materials including YouTube links for listening, scanned scores for music reading and computation of general knowledge about the composer and musical periods to be compiled in the student's notebook and on a Musical Timeline, via the myFairholme class page.

Year 8 General Music have commenced material for their piano/keyboard unit (8Music2 – Mr Egerton) or their guitar/ukelele unit (8Music3 – Mrs Veal). Lessons will be uploaded each week on the class page of myFairholme. Piano skills are being developed through a combination of theory and music reading and an online virtual keyboard app on their laptop. For those students who were not able to borrow a ukulele before the end of term they have the option of starting the keyboard unit instead, also via myFairholme.

Mr Egerton's string students have received an individual email regarding practice goals for the end of Term One, and will be offered online lessons via Zoom at the start of Term Two should circumstances make this necessary. The other specialist teachers are ensuring that similar arrangements are in place for their individual students.

Co-curricular. Junior String Orchestra members have all been sent parts for a new piece of repertoire to practise at home along with audio files of their own part and the combined piece to listen to. Chamber Strings will likewise be receiving a new work for Term Two via email initially for individual practise and then hopefully we can commence sectional Zoom meetings for each section of the ensemble. Following a trial String Quartet Zoom rehearsal on Wednesday, we are also exploring the potential options for group Zoom meetings for other small groups or shared lessons.

Year 8 Visual Art students are working on a range of exciting activities in their Visual Art Process Diaries, successfully completing a smaller version of the ‘altered shoe still life’, along with other responding tasks prepared by Ms Hobson.

Year 7 Visual Art students have begun their Assemblage Sculpture theory and Ms Hobson has created a number of instructional videos to inspire the planning for their practical task.

Year 9 Visual Art students have been working with watercolour pencils and exploring the possibilities available with these new materials, when rendering vintage studies of Moths & Butterflies!

Year 10 Visual Art students have been asked to create a ‘surrealist-inspired’ graphite tonal drawing, using a blending tortillon and card that was sent out in the mail to some students, whilst others were able to collect it at school.

Year 11 and 12 Visual Art students have been able to check in with Mrs Hayward, each day via a zoom lesson to receive guidance and feedback regarding their assigned academic program.

Year 9 Drama students have begun the study of an Australian play, The Girl Who Cried Wolf. In addition to beginning the reading of that text at home, they have begun to research its development - from the inspiration taken by the playwright for the creation of the text, its iconic Australian themes, and the collaborative process which led to its first live production.

Mime and movement is the current focus for Year 8 Drama students. Through watching a video of a drama workshop in action, they have been introduced to Laban’s ‘effort actions’ and how this approach to movement can inspire interesting characterisation. This week, students have watched examples online of some of the world’s great mime artists, from the classic to the contemporary. They have read of the conventions of mime, and applied this knowledge to analyse classic mimes such as Marcel Marceau, silent film stars such as Charlie Chaplin, and internationally recognised performers such as Mr Bean.

Year 7 Performance have considered how a performer must adjust not just staging of the action, but also body language and voice to suit an audience, and of how this is particularly important when designing live entertainment for an audience of children. This will prepare students for their Term 2 study, where performing stories for children will be explored.

Fairholme Choirs Sing! | Brightest & Best Choral Festival

In the very early hours of last Sunday morning, 38 members of the College and Middle Chamber Choirs, together with the Year 8 Performance Music and Year 9 – 12 Elective Music students, travelled to Brisbane to participate in the Royal School of Church Music’s biennial festival of massed choral music, known as the Brightest and Best Choral Festival. Our girls not only had the opportunity to sing a SATB mixed choral repertoire under the instruction of a renowned choral conductor, but also experience the wonderful acoustic ambience of the Gothic-inspired architecture of St. John’s Cathedral. In addition to the afternoon concert, the girls also participated in the Festal Evensong Church Service. Congratulations and thank you to all of the girls who represented Fairholme at this important event. Such a wonderful opportunity would not be possible without the dedicated work and hours of preparation from Mr Dixon and Ms van Klinken.

KCS 1 | ‘Opening Night’ Instrumental Music Concert

The first of the Kaleidoscope Concert Series for 2020 was held last Monday night in the Assembly Hall. Appropriately named, ‘Opening Night’, the concert featured performances by the Symphonic Wind Band, Flute Ensemble, Stage Band, Chamber Strings and Symphony Orchestra. The performances by all groups were absolutely fabulous and when you realise that some groups have only had three rehearsals, this speaks highly of the talent and commitment of these girls. This wonderful concert finished with an impressive mass ensemble, combining more than 50 girls from the Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Band and Stage Band, who together performed an arrangement of the stirringly nationalistic, ‘inlandia. Congratulations, girls! Sincere appreciation is also conveyed to the dedicated directors of these ensembles, Mr Rod Egerton, Mr Martin Crook and Mrs Lauren Crighton.

Fairholme Singing Studio | Annual Recital!

Congratulations to Ms Alana Scott (FSS Co-ordinator) and the impressive young singers of the Fairholme Singing Studio on their wonderful performances at this year’s recital. Providing not only a wonderful performance opportunity for students from the Junior, Middle and Senior schools to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year for family members, friends and teaching staff, the Recital also allows these young singers to show how much they have grown in confidence and ability as each year passes.

This year’s Guest Adjudicator, D’Arne Sleeman (Opera Queensland) provided some very encouraging and helpful feedback to all of the performers and awarded the following acknowledgements:

The 'Singer of the Day' awards were presented to Year 4 student, Brooke Johnson (Junior School Award), Year 7 student, Elizabeth McCollum (Middle School Award) and Year 11 student Emma Johnson (Senior School Award), who was also the recipient of the ‘Singer of the Year’ Award for 2019.

Karen Hayward | Head of Arts