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Fairholme College Equestrian team participates in the Interschool Queensland (IQ) competition which is run by Equestrian Queensland (EQ) for the State competition and Equestrian Australia (EA) for the National competition. Disciplines that the team are able to compete in are Dressage, Showjumping, Show Horse, Showman, Combined Training and Eventing.

Fairholme has a proud history in this competition and has always competed strongly in the Darling Downs Regional Championships where riders have qualified to go on to represent Fairholme at both State and National levels. In 2019 Fairholme won the Rita and Derek Dobson Trophy for the ‘School with the Highest Aggregate Score at the State level.

Equestrian is available as a sport for your girls in both Primary and Secondary levels and for both boarders and daygirls. Girls do not have to be riding at competition level to choose Equestrian as their sport as the coaching covers all levels of ability and experience; all the girls need is their horse. For boarders there is agistment available as well as transport to and from their horse.

In Terms 1 and 4 the girls are taken out on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday. Terms 2 and 3 the girls are taken out Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday. There is coaching available every week depending on the girl’s needs. This coaching is also open for the day girls if they want to join in. Coaches are all EQ accredited.

For those families who would rather keep their horses at home, and distance prevents them from being involved in coaching, the girls may still compete and represent Fairholme provided they are prepared to be involved in a few team building occasions. There are many IQ qualifying days held during the year, some locally and some closer to, or in, Brisbane. The Equestrian Co-ordinator is Tracey Sexton and she is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Equestrian at Fairholme. Email the Co-ordinator via equestrian@fairholme.qld.edu.au.

Every year Fairholme has regional competitors, Darling Downs Representatives, and Queensland Representatives.

Annual events include:

  • Fairholme College - Dressage & Show Jumping @ Pittsworth Showgrounds
  • Scots PGC Extravaganza
  • Darling Downs Interschool Equestrian Championships
  • Queensland State Interschool Equestrian Championships
  • Australian National Interschool Championships
  • Many other options either locally or SEQ.
  • All events are on the Equestrian Qld Interschool Calendar

Equestrian News

Junior School Equestrian

Our team of Equestrian Junior School girls have completed their year of competition in great style. Three of the team competed with students from the Middle and Senior Schools in the recent Interschool Equestrian event in Toowoomba.

All of the girls were very successful and achieved much as individuals and also, as a collective. We are proud to share that Fairholme Primary Equestrain Team results. Congratulations and well done girls!

Fairholme Equestrian

Our team of Equestrian Junior School girls.

Pryde’s Easifeed State Championships

During the term, break the Fairholme Equestrian riders where busy practising, training and preparing for the 2020 Pryde’s Easifeed State Championships. The event was held at Toowoomba Showgrounds from the 1st to 4th October.

Fairholme College was a major sponsor of the event. There was a number of Fairholme tents and banners around the grounds. We even had our own coffee cups! Kirsten Riordan was the show Jumping Convenor, along with the assistance of Fairholme Equestrian Parents, ran a great three days of show jumping. Fairholme parents are to be congratulated for the efforts in supporting the riders and the event organisers to run a fabulous event.

Results were exciting across the board – the highlights were winning The Harry Le Bherz Champion Equestrian Primary team. Congratulations to Asher Hart, Kate Frith, and Kendra MacDonald. The girls competed in Show Horse, Show Jumping, Dressage, and Combined Training over the four days of competition.

IQ 50cm Primary Showjumping Champion – Kate Frith

At the final IQ presentations at the Eventing State Championships, Fairholme Equestrian have been awarded the Summers/McDougall School Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the school who displays, teamwork, Spirit and presentation, and who host IQ events. The trophy recognises the contribution of the Fairholme Equestrian parent support. Our wonderful group of parents played an important role in the smooth running of the recent State Championships on the 1st to 4th October in Toowoomba.

Mrs Tracey Sexton | Equestrian

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

See College news story Straight From the Horse’s Mouth ›

Fairholme Equestrian Dressage & Show Jumping Event

Last weekend, the Fairholme Equestrian Team and supporters ran a successful dressage and show-jumping event at Pittsworth Showgrounds.

We had record entries over the weekend, which meant that it was a busy weekend for everyone. I would like to thank all the parents for their great effort with organising, set-up and pack-up.

Congratulation to all of our Fairholme riders. The horses were presented immaculately, plaited up and looking very smart. Fairholme had a team of around 16 riders for the weekend, including our Primary riders, across dressage and show jumping. I would like to welcome and congratulate our new parents and riders. Feedback from competitors was very positive.

Thank you to John Sessarago for taking the photos.

Dressage Overall


Novice Dressage – 11th Kaida MacDonald

Preliminary Dressage – 3rd Lottie Ostwald , 5th Lucy Griffiths, 9th Taylor Humphries, 12th Simone Sorensen, Abbey Gordon, Libby Clark, Torra MacDonald, Celine Thomas and Annabelle Rogan


Novice Dressage – Reserve Champion – Kendra MacDonald

Preliminary Dressage – 4th Kate Frith, 12th Madeline Brown

Showjumping Overall


120cm SJ: Champion Phoebe Riordan, 4th Phoebe Riordan

100cm SJ: 5th Lucy Griffiths

90cm SJ: Reserve Champion Lucy Griffiths, Simone Sorensen, Katie Bunker

80cm SJ: 3rd Lottie Ostwald, 9th Kaitlyn Everingham, 10th Libby Clark, Abbey Gordon

70cm SJ: 7th Annabelle Rogan

50cm SJ: 6th Kaida MacDonald, 8th Celine Thomas, 9th Torra MacDonald


60cm SJ: 3rd Kendra MacDonald

50cm SJ: 6th Kate Frith

Fairholme Equestrian

March 2020 Gatton Show Horse and Dressage

Taylor Humphreys and Kate Firth represented Fairholme at the Gatton Show Horse and Dressage event recently. Kate was Champion Working Hunter and received an encouragement award, while Taylor was Champion in Secondary Show Horse, also placing 5th in the Secondary Show Hunter. The girls also competed in the dressage on the Sunday, with good results. Well done, girls and support staff!

The Equestrian Team also represented Fairholme College at the Millmerran Show in the Show Jumping section. All riders jumped well and gained Interschool qualifiers towards State Championships.

Next up will be the Dressage and Show Jumping event at the Pittsworth Showgrounds on March 14 and 15. Fairholme has record entries this year, and it promises to be a busy weekend for our parents and riders. Best of luck to everyone.

In preparation for this event, the team will participate in show-jumping lessons with Robert Goodwin this weekend.

Fairholme Equestrian

Interested in representing your school in Equestrian?

The Fairholme Equestrian team compete in the Queensland Interschool competitions run by schools throughout the region.

Fairholme Equestrian welcomes riders from Junior, Middle and Senior School. Both Boarders and Daygirls are able to be part of the Equestrian team.

We pride ourselves on being able to support both Boarders and Daygirls in their quest to reach their equestrian dream no matter what level.

Both Boarders and Daygirls participate during the year, with the aim of qualifying for the Interschool State Championship in June. At the State Championships, riders may compete in Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Horse, Showman, Eventing and Combined Training. Riders travel from all over Queensland for this event.

Fairholme has been well represented at both the State and National level in this and previous years.

What do you need to be on the Fairholme Equestrian Team?

  • Your own horse!!
  • A desire to compete in your selected discipline/s
  • Does not matter what level you are – walk trot or jumping 120cm. All welcome.
  • Parent/guardians support
  • Be a Junior Member of Equestrian Queensland.

Further details about Interschool Qld is available at Qld. Equestrian ›

Please contact the Equestrian Co-ordinator at Fairholme.Equestrian@fairholme.qld.edu.au for further information on 0438 234 815.

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