Pastoral Care

Nurturing individuals as unique and valued members of our community is our primary objective; the effective and integrated pastoral care at Fairholme College enables our students to be effective learners and contributors.

Pastoral care remains a focus at every step. It exists in our classrooms, corridors and at sporting matches, through our restorative approach to conflict resolution, in our worship and the respectful way we treat one another each day. Pastoral care underpins all practices within the Fairholme community and finds foundation in our values of Christ-Centred Faith and Respect; it encourages the development of honesty, integrity and a high standard of personal demeanour. Our aim is to nurture a culture which is inclusive and one that encourages positive connections and thus a sense of belonging; this supports the girls as they pursue passions, negotiate challenges and navigate their world.

Everyone at Fairholme belongs to one of four Houses – Black, Cameron, Powell and Stephens. While each staff member at Fairholme is a care-giver, the Pastoral Care Group (PCG) Teacher has a special role. They lead a small group from one of the Houses and meet with students in their PCG daily, at which time they worship together, celebrate, enjoy activities and support one another.

In Years 7 – 12, where a vertical system exists, students remain with the same Pastoral Care Group and Teacher for the three years of each sub-school, eg. girls will be in Middle Stephens 3 and then Senior Stephens 3. Our approach places emphasis on the development of this small unit of care within the broader school context. Activities undertaken in the PCG or House setting are aimed at nurturing positive relationships and involve a variety of collaborative projects.

Staff work collaboratively, sensitively and respectfully in their care of the girls. Staff who are key to leading pastoral and academic care meet regularly to ensure best practice.


PCG staff work closely with Heads of House, Heads of Middle & Senior School, the Head of Ministry & Mission, Boarding staff and College Psychologist whenever appropriate.

Should concerns of a pastoral nature evolve for a student, family contact with the PCG Teacher, in the first instance, will help to address the situation.

Classroom or academic matters are best managed with the class teacher initially, or via Heads of Department or the Head of Teaching & Learning.

Key Contacts

Head of Ministry & Mission

Ms Catherine Butler

T 07 4688 4688


College Psychologist & Specialist Careers Advisor

Mrs Laura Anderson

T 07 4688 4667


Assistant to the Boarding House - Pastoral Care

Mrs Jenny Sutton

T 07 4688 4696


Head of Black House

Mrs Jody Friend

T 07 4688 4662


Head of Cameron House

Ms Katrina Gierke

T 07 4688 4628


Head of Powell House

Mrs Vicki Anderson

T 07 4688 4661


Head of Stephens House

Mrs Cathy Mason

T 07 4688 4680


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Pastoral Care at Fairholme College
Pastoral Care at Fairholme College
Pastoral Care at Fairholme College
Pastoral Care at Fairholme College