Learning Pathways

Getting involved in Pathways Week during Year 10 is a good way to test-drive careers and also offer students an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of work and develop job search strategies.

Year 10 Pathways Week

Sampling an occupation will help students decide what they may, or may not, want to do when they jump into the workplace for real. It will also come in handy since employers look for work experience on resumes - especially when it comes to newcomers who don’t have much else to set them apart. This mandatory work experience block also offers students an understanding of the importance a well-developed resume and cover letter.

Work Experience in itself is a unique experience for Year 10 Students because it is embedded into the Year 10 curriculum. Students from Years 11 & 12 can also participate in work experience during school holidays with the College support by offering support for placements and completion of mandatory work experience paperwork.