Learning Pathways

Pathway Planning

As they enter Years 10, 11 and 12, our girls are deliberately prepared to launch into life beyond Fairholme. All students are offered information and guidance in relation to the broad range of options available to them after successful completion of Year 12. Students are assisted in developing an individualised action plan tailored to meet their personal aspirations and potential. This may mean assistance with acquiring School-based Traineeships/Apprenticeships as well as TAFE vocational options or researching and completing Tertiary qualifications whilst still at Fairholme College.

Each Year 10 student in Queensland is required to complete a Senior Education Training (SET) Plan to assist in mapping out their Senior School years and career pathway. At Fairholme College, our SET Plan team consists of our Head of Teaching and Learning, College Careers Specialist, Vocational Education Training Coordinator and other key staff. These staff will then meet together regularly with each student throughout their senior academic career to ensure that all students have a realistic and achievable set of goals during their Senior School phase of learning.

A student’s SET Plan will include: Careers education including compulsory Work Experience, Volunteering and Youth Development programs, Higher Education in Australia and Higher Education overseas, and/or also Vocational Education Training including School-based Apprenticeships, Traineeships and TAFE.

All Careers Development activities, sessions and discussions at Fairholme College underpin the information from the Australian Blueprint for Career Development which offers a framework for creating, strengthening and evaluating careers development programs for young people and adults. The Blueprint identifies eleven career management competencies that help people manage life, learning about work from childhood to old age.

The eleven competencies span across three learning areas:

  1. Personal Management
  2. Learning and work exploration
  3. Career building

The competencies promote intentional career development, lifelong learning and life/work balance.

Whilst Careers Development is a key focus in the senior school the Junior and Middle School students are also offered opportunities to develop their own personal competencies through intentional career development sessions that are delivered throughout the junior and middle school curriculums.

Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College