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A successful transition from Senior School into their pathway of choice is at the heart of each resource available at our Career Pathway Centre, which was developed to ensure that all students are offered an opportunity to create an exciting and authentic career plan.

Career Development activities, SET Plan Interviews, Resume development, Personal Statement support, Employability Skills development, job exploration and interview assistance to name a few are offered by staff in the Pathway Centre. This ongoing and accessible support ensures students are not only work ready but also confident in their own personal competencies to navigate a complex and ever-changing world. All students are given an opportunity to develop a ‘personal careers toolkit’ to ensure that when they move into their adult lives they are well equipped to make key decisions about their career pathways and have an ‘archive of experience’ that they gathered whilst in middle and secondary school..

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Pathway Centre Team

Careers Specialist

Mrs Laura Anderson

T 07 4688 4667

E laura.anderson@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Meet A Fairholme Teacher - Laura Anderson
When she’s not helping a Fairholme student build the pathway to their future, you might find her humming along the highway in her green combi, her dog Pepsi, leaning out the passenger window, the wind flapping in his ears, her prized vintage vehicle loaded with camping gear. If you cross paths with Fairholme teacher, Laura Anderson, chances are your day will be brighter, lighter and somehow, more focussed, all at once. Meet Laura: Read more ›

Coordinator of Learning Pathways

Miss Arlie Hollindale

T 07 4688 4665

E arlie.hollindale@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Pathway Centre Administration

Ms Allie Ould

T 07 4688 2377


Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College
Learning Pathways at Fairholme College