Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School at Fairholme offers a dynamic and diverse curriculum for girls in Years 10, 11 and 12. Learning in the Senior School occurs in the classroom and beyond, implicitly and explicitly, formally and informally.

We are mindful that learning is a constant journey and that it can be initiated by both students and teachers and is strengthened when shared and explored between the girls and amid staff members.

Inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking, the delivery of our programs is designed to help each student achieve a level of distinction and accomplishment that is their personal best. It is during these years of formal schooling that Fairholme’s aim to develop lifelong learners reaches its peak, whilst establishing clear, considered links to the learning which happens beyond school.

The curriculum, its delivery, the learning experiences and the dedication of passionate and skilled practitioners nurture the Senior School girls to become:

  • knowledgeable people with deep understanding
  • divergent thinkers
  • creative and inquisitive
  • active investigators
  • skilled and sensitive communicators
  • engaged participants in our interdependent world, and
  • reflective and self-directed learners

Enjoying an outstanding reputation as a strong academic school, Fairholme College delivers a leading standard of education across core learning areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Christian Education, Life Skills and Health & Physical Education. Furthermore, the College is renowned for providing an extraordinarily nurturing environment that encourages the pursuit of creative and academic excellence through Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Languages.

Those seeking tertiary entrance are counselled and well-prepared for further study, while students who desire to pursue vocational experience and qualifications, alongside their regular academic program, have an abundance of options. Regardless of the learning choices made by our girls, Senior School staff avidly inspire, motivate and encourage all Fairholme girls to enjoy a dedicated work ethic with a spirit of excellence.

Development opportunities available to Senior School students range from consistent academic growth through to extra-curricular pursuits which can be life-changing, exhilarating experiences – from musical productions, eco-tourism experiences, national sporting meets, international Service programs to student exchange trips in France, Japan and Germany.

Learning Enhancement Centre

The Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC) offers the expertise of highly-skilled, specialised staff who provide support to girls who benefit from further support in their learning.

Pathways Centre

As they enter Years 10, 11 and 12, our girls are deliberately prepared to launch into life beyond Fairholme. A successful transition from Senior School into their pathway of choice is at the heart of each resource available at our Career Pathways Centre, which was developed to ensure that all students are offered an opportunity to create an exciting and authentic career plan.