Global Learning

At Fairholme, our vision is to nurture girls so that they may be confident and respectful contributors within a global society.

At Fairholme, our vision is to nurture girls so that they may be confident and respectful contributors within a global society. While all that we do each day at the College influences such engagement, there are opportunities to step out - literally, into that global community. We also recognise that welcoming international students into our Fairholme community enriches our collective experiences significantly and helps us to understand the incredible value that cultural diversity brings and how we might connect with the world with respect and vigour.

As community members, when we welcome our world-wide friends, our eyes are opened to the richness of the international community. Additionally, the following experiences are available for students to consider.

Global Student Program

International students may experience a term-long English Immersion Program at Fairholme. After an initial transition course, girls will experience the full and dynamic life of a Fairholme girl. With the assistance of a student buddy and key academic and pastoral staff, girls involved in this opportunity will experience a variety of academic classes, will become members of a Pastoral Care Group, and be able to pursue a great range of sporting, service and cultural activities. Importantly, girls spend time each day with their mentor teacher who will provide vital support throughout the program.

Please see [brochure] for further details.

Our international students have been wonderful company, excellent contributors and fantastic Fairholme girls. Watch Miki’s story.

Exchange Experiences

Year 11

Language & Cultural Exchange Experiences
Immersion in a different culture provides a wonderful platform for language learning. Each year, after the Fairholme school year draws to a close for Year 11 girls, many of our Japanese, French and German students travel to Europe or Japan to spend our summer holiday attending school, living with a local family and enjoying the wonders of another culture.

The connection with exchange families begins prior to this – early in Semester Two Year 11, when Fairholme families welcome guests from these countries into their homes, and the College welcomes the girls into our community!

International Tours

The College regularly leads cultural, service, language, sporting and arts tours to a variety of international destinations. Opportunities to experience such tours are advertised to the student and parent community each year. Recent trips have included service work in Cambodia and experiencing the rich culture of Japan and our Netball and Touch girls competing in New Zealand.