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College News

Head Girl

Fairholme's Head Girl in 2019 has a family history at Fairholme that stretches back to 1919, with three women walking the Wirra Wirra street path before her. And while she is the first to be named Head Girl in the family, there'll be no shortage of advice - her sister, Lucy, was Head Day Girl in 2014 and her brother was Head Boy at Toowoomba Grammar. Maggie's plans for 2019 here: 

Meet our Head Day Girl 2019

Head Day Girl for 2019, Rosie Smolenski, is the last of her family to wear the tartan next year, and plans to leave an impression not only on Day Girls - but Boarders too. Here's a few things you need to know about one of our leaders. 

About Your OP

Many Fairholme Old Girls may remember the College Head of Teaching and Learning, Mr Stewart Peacock, telling them 'there is more than one way to skin a cat'. The girls are taught that their chosen pathway may involve a number of different bends along the way. It is appropriate then that, in the lead up to the release of OP scores for our 2018 Seniors, we share an email Mr Peacock received this week from Fairholme Old Girl Nicola Murphy (Senior 2012). 

Meet Our Head Boarder For 2019

Her favourite music comes from Miley Cyrus, she loves Mango and if she could invite just three people to have dinner with her in the Fairholme Dining Hall, it would be her Mum, Dad and Grandma. Meet Fairholme's Head Boarder for 2019, Annika Gourley. 

A Fairholme Story

From messy days in the Fairholme Kindy sandpit with Mrs Darbyshire, to English extension with Mr Davis, there's no Fairholme path untouched by Year 12 student Emily O'Rourke. But when she steps out onto Wirra Wirra Street in her Tartan one last time tomorrow, she will know that even without a chair bag, she'll be just fine.