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Academic Success for 2019 Year 12 Cohort

Please join us in congratulating the 2019 Year 12 cohort: our special ‘half’ cohort and the last to complete Year 12 studies under the QCS system. This has been a distinctive and impressive group, evident through their cohesion; support of one another; leadership; and in their successes in so many facets of life, within and beyond school. At this time, however, we wish to note their academic achievements and particularly, acknowledge those who have achieved or surpassed individual expectation. Outlined on our College website is a synopsis of the Overall Position and QCS data for this year. The achievements of these students are strong, with academic improvement most noteworthy in our results in the 1-7 range where over 52% of our Year 12s are placed.

We do remember at this time that results such as these whilst individually significant, are also representative of this cohort’s commitment, collective focus and hard work. Further, they reflect the strong educational and pastoral support provided by academic and boarding staff during this pivotal year of learning, as well as all the years preceding. As always, it is important to place these results in the context of the values and characteristics we trust are representative of all our Seniors of 2019. We are hopeful that now and into the future they will carry with them persistence, determination, honesty, compassion and community-mindedness and a unique ability to choose the hard, over the easy. It is these traits that give meaning to statistics, and it is these traits, not the OP result, that underpin who our girls are, and who they will become. Thank you to all our parents for your full and on-going support of your daughter’s education. For so many reasons, this is a group of girls of whom we are most proud.

Warm regards

Dr Linda Evans | Principal

Achievements Summary:

Overall PositionFairholme College State-Wide Results
State-Wide Results
All Students
1 - 5 32%   22.6% 22.5%
1 - 10 74%   56.5% 54.2%
1 - 15 91%   84.1% 82.9%
QCS ResultsFairholme College State-Wide Results
State-Wide Results
All Students
A 33%   14.1% 16.5%
B 34%   27.7% 29.6%
C 27%   37.2% 35.7%
D 6%   21.0% 18.2%
E 0%   0.1% 0.1%
2019 fairholme OP outcomes

Fairholme College Five (5) Year Historical Data:

Overall Position Fairholme College 5 Year Historical data
1 – 5 32% 32% 31% 30% 31%
1 – 10 74% 73% 67% 61% 72%
1 – 15 91% 94% 95% 94% 94%