College Governance

As we celebrate of 100 years on the site on which Fairholme College stands, and 109 years since our foundation at Spreydon, it is fitting that we are undergoing a new stage of strategic planning as we approach a new century of learning.

For over a century, Fairholme has been empowering young women by providing an education that prepares them for the future. To that end, our previous Strategic Plan presented our Vision; Values – Christ-Centred Faith, Collaboration, Enjoyment, Seeking Excellence and Respect; and our Goals to develop a vibrant learning community.

Strategic Plan 2018+ Launch

The next College Strategic Plan will be launched 16 April, 6pm in Greta Junior.

In our strategic plan for 2015 - 2017, we built upon our values by ‘Stretching the Boundaries’; optimising the way we learned, taught, lived and created – with the aim of Fairholme College being the all-girls’ school of choice. As our new plan unfolds we will be pleased to share the outline of our goals and the strategies to accomplish them. For now, we include our current plan which concludes this year.

Mr Ian Andersen | Chairman
Dr Linda Evans | Principal

“To do the impossible, you must even consider the improbable.”
(Wissam Raji, An Introductory Course in Elementary Number Theory)

Our Strategic Theme

Stretching the Boundaries

Optimising outcomes in learning, teaching and living and creating Fairholme College as the school of choice.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • Christ-centred faith
  • Community Connections
  • Governance and Stewardship
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Resources and Infrastructure

Our Vision

Fairholme: a nurturing Christian school, committed to developing a vibrant learning community; one that challenges students to become confident and respectful contributors within our global society.

Our Values

  • Christ-Centred Faith
  • Collaboration
  • Enjoyment
  • Seeking Excellence
  • Respect

Our Collective Ambition

To be recognised as a school that achieves outstanding student outcomes, is the school of choice for employees and is a national leader in all girls’ boarding.

The Elements of Our Distinctiveness:

  1. Outstanding academic results
  2. High levels of participation in Service, Sports, and The Arts
  3. An ethos of care and community spirit
  4. Quality boarding facilities and program
  5. Extensive learning pathways