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ATAR Success

ATAR Success

For Laura Leeson, discovering her ATAR score of 99.6 made for an incredibly happy end to what has been a very challenging year.

‘I was aiming for a 97 – so to see 99.6 on the screen – was a wonderful moment for me and my Mum and Dad. It means that I’m into Advanced Finance and Economics at UQ which is very exciting.’

Laura was the second highest result at Fairholme this year, with Zoe Crooke receiving a near perfect ATAR of 99.75 – the highest for Fairholme’s first year of ATAR.

‘For me my result takes a lot of pressure off deciding on a Uni course because I now have all the options open to me,’ says Zoe.

‘But it also validates a lot of the work I did put in over the year - I was accepted into ANU with early entry earlier in the year, so while I knew I was already accepted into Uni, I was excited to see what result I could get.’

Zoe intends to study advanced science at either ANU or UQ, before proceeding into medicine or research.

Tarryn Sorour is now focused on the next step in her learning journey after receiving an ATAR of 98.75. Tarryn is off to study a Bachelor of Law and Economics at UQ.

‘I needed a 98 to get into that course, so I’m thrilled. It’s nice to know the hard work pays off – especially as I have five long years of study ahead of me now,’ she says laughing.

Charlotte Kath was working when results arrived, but she snuck into the toilet to check for the magic numbers.

‘I didn’t want to make a big deal in case it wasn’t what I had been hoping for – but it was a 98.7! I was very happy. Then I went back to the dishes,’ she says laughing.

Charlotte already has a 100% Bond scholarship for a bachelor of Law and Commerce, which begins in less than a month’s time.

Not everyone is preparing to hit the books as soon as that. Olivia Ross is still undecided about what she might study – but with an ATAR of 98, there are many, many options for her to weigh up.

‘I was just aiming for above 90 – a 98 was an amazing result for me. I have no idea what I will actually do with it yet but I’m keeping all those options open.’

And for the Head Day girl of 2020, Phoebe Meyer Elks, a goal of 94 was smashed.

‘To end up with a 97.45 well and truly exceeded my expectations. I think a lot of the girls in our cohort are really happy with their results. We’ve all achieved higher than we expected and that means we can explore our options a little more. For me personally, it means that I am able to get into the course I wanted – a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UQ.

Six Fairholme girls achieved an ATAR equivalent to an OP1, with 13% receiving an ATAR of 98 and above. One fifth of the cohort is in the top 5% of the State, after achieving a 95 or above.

Three Fairholme girls achieved perfect scores (a 100% result) in three subjects.

University offers are expected mid-January.