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The Sky is the Limit

Fairholme College is excited to announce new curriculum in 2021, building on the exciting additions this year of Psychology and Aviation.

‘This year we are introducing Agricultural Science for Middle School, which is an introduction to our hugely popular Senior Agricultural Science,’ says Head of Teaching and Learning, Mr Stewart Peacock.

The Middle School subject is expected to give younger students a taste of agriculture, and a better understanding of what opportunities exist in a career in Agriculture.

There’ll be two more new subjects for girls in 2021 too, with the commencement of Sport and Recreation and Hospitality.

‘The Sport and Recreation subject is a more practically based subject that provides students with opportunities to learn in, through and about sport and active recreation activities.’

The Hospitality subject is expected to strengthen Fairholme’s already unique Design and Technology program, which combines Fashion with Food and Nutrition.

‘These new curriculum opportunities combined with our existing curriculum will allow our students to sample an education that goes far beyond the classroom,’ says Mr Peacock.

He believes the curriculum combined with the opportunities in Vocational Education will see Fairholme girls continue to excel.

Co-ordinator of Fairholme’s Vocational Education program, Ms Arlie Hollindale, says she will also be announcing new opportunities for students in 2021.

‘Unfortunately I cannot share these with you until we finalise all details, but I can say they will add to the incredibly unique opportunities we already provide at Fairholme. So, watch this space!’

The Fairholme Health hub has already expanded to a three-bedroom ward and now includes a manual handling full body hoist.

‘Students interested in Health Services and Allied Health can gain a much better understanding of what is involved in a career in this industry right here on campus. It’s an incredible opportunity available to each and every Fairholme girl.’

Aviation was offered to Fairholme students at the start of 2019 and continues this year with the opportunity to gain a certificate III in Aviation, CASA licence and drone experience.

‘This allows them to legally fly drones and give girls and introduction to the aviation industry – which includes piloting, weather patterns, flight restrictions and regulations,’ says Ms Hollindale.

There’s also an opportunity to begin gaining flying hours.

‘So you see there is something for everyone at Fairholme,’ says Mr Peacock.

‘From Ag Science, to Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Hospitality, Psychology, Aviation, Sport Science, Sport Recreation and of course that wonderful opportunity to gain some insight into Health Services and Allied Health right here at our campus.’

More details around curriculum will be released in the coming weeks.

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