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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

During this worrying time, we want to assure you that the College is working very closely with Queensland Health and our local Health Industry, and we are responding to the situation as it evolves. The Leadership Team, together with our Risk Assessment officers are working on detailed planning measures that include social distancing and potential closure of the School, if required.

Any updates issued by the College will be posted on this page and parents and guardians will receive a notification via the school app to their phones encouraging them to check here for important information.

Student Attendance Week 5 of Term 2, 2020: Register your daughter ›
Registration NOT required for Kindy, Prep or Year 1 and nor for girls in Years 11 and 12.

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Resources & Information

HOLMEstore Opening Hours

The HOLMEstore has returned to normal trading hours. Please respect social distancing while visiting the store.


To further facilitate good mental health and maintain a sense of calm amongst both ourselves and the young people we guide, we have put together the following list of resources in collaboration with Jessica Arday-Wild (BSW, MMental Health (Family Therapy)). Jessica is the A/Ed LinQ Coordinator in the Toowoomba and Southern Downs region and is associated with the Child & Youth Mental Health Service.

  1. Birdie and the Big Sickness is a resource for supporting younger children during periods of community illness. It has been developed by the QLD Centre for Perinatal & Infant Mental Health.
  2. Coping with coronavirus anxiety - Tips (As also listed above)
  3. The eSafety Commissioner: COVID-19 online survival kit for parents and carers ›
  4. ‘The Parents Website’: A guide for parents supporting children ›
  5. Black Dog Institute: Screen time can help with behavioural changes in kids during isolation ›

Our students in Middle and Senior school are able to access a number of online wellbeing resources, via myFairholme.
Some of these include:

  1. Head to Health ›
  2. Reachout ›
  3. ›

‘At Holme’ Podcast re COVID-19 All At Holme Podcasts ›

  • At Holme Season 2 #1 Learning From home - Erin Tonscheck › (14 min)
    As Fairholme Junior begins Term 2 with at least 5 weeks of online learning, Head of the Junior School and former Distance Education teacher, Erin Tonscheck, shares some tips with parents.
  • At Holme Season 1 #10 We’re all in this Together › (9 min)
    In this podcast Dr Linda Evans shares her message for parents about the current global pandemic, and why she wants parents to be understanding when it comes to learning at ‘holme’.
  • At Holme #9 Learning from Home Middle & Senior School › (9 min)
    In this podcast, Mr Stewart Peacock, Head of Teaching and Learning at Fairholme, discusses how learning from home will occur for your daughter in the Middle or Senior School.
  • At Holme #8 Junior School home learning › (9 min)
    As students begin learning from home on Monday 30 March - or for some as early as next week - Erin Tonscheck, the Head of Fairholme Junior, shares information on how classes will operate from each student's home.
  • At Holme #7 COVID School Response › (9 min)
    In this podcast, Principal, Dr Linda Evans and College Doctor, Dr Sharyn Donaldson discuss the difficult decisions made by the school this week around COVID-19 and how parents should prepare for the School Holidays and isolation.