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Strength In 2020

Kirsten Murry has been part of the Fairholme family since she was 9 years old.

‘I used to come and watch my sister train in the athletics program here with Sess so by the time I was 10 I was training here too.’

Kirsten is a triple jumper, and her training at Fairholme helped her compete at a national level.

‘I made my first Darling Downs team in Grade 5 and every year after that until I finished school. In Year 11 I made it to Nationals and got 4th with an 11.47m jump. I’m a very technically minded athlete, so triple jump has always suited me.’

After graduating from Lockyer District High, Kirsten studied Sport Science and coached at Fairholme part time.

Now, she’s here full time, in a new role as the Coordinator of Sports Performance.

‘I’m really excited. While i continue to coach athletics, I will also get to run netball, strength and conditioning, speed, power and strength and I’ll also be working with the girls who are studying a Cert III in Fitness.’

Kirsten says her background in athletics continues to form the base of the work she will be doing with the girls.

‘Injury prevention is my main focus at this stage and building good strength. Not necessarily bulk muscle, but because girls are more susceptible to ACL type injuries because of our build, strengthening muscles is really essential to support the joints.’

Kirsten will also work with the girls in relation to the specific skills required for their sport of choice.

‘A lot of girls at Fairholme like doing more than one or two sports. Part of my role is in managing their workload – and making sure they’re not putting too much stress on their growing bodies. I’ll be working closely with the Boarders and communicating with their parents about how to manage their level of sport.’

Stretching and muscle movement will also form a base for Kirsten’s programs.

‘Stretching is such an important part of training. There’s a lot of kids these days who can’t even touch their toes. It plays a big role in how they recover from games and training.’

It’s only week 2, but Kirsten is already feeling comfortable.

‘I think because I’ve been here for 5 years, it feels like a second home. I had the best athletics grounding right here with great mentors – Pitty, Sess and Mr Harris. I’m just excited to be part of that team.’

Kirsten plays netball and hikes whenever she can – mainly Table Top to watch the sunrise. She’s also found a new sport…

‘Well I bought myself a mountain bike for my birthday, so I’m trying to get into that.’

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