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Tatum Stewart achieved an incredible OP score, despite being away for much of the year, representing Australia for Hockey.

‘With the amount of sport and training I had on this year, academics were still really important to me, but I wasn’t really sure how I would go. I wasn’t willing to let either slip. Seeing an OP 2 on Saturday morning … I was so happy!’

Tatum was out of school for four weeks of Term 2.

‘I missed a week of learning, a week of study, a QCS practice and Exam block. I was so anxious at the beginning of that term – I went running around to all my teachers asking them for the term’s content straight away so I could get on top it. I was most worried about QCS. Dr Hill and Mr Peacock were not worried at all. They all told me to relax and gave me some ideas of how we would get through it. They were incredibly supportive.’

As the term progressed, Tatum felt more confident and achieved more than she thought she would have before she left for Europe to represent Australia in the Girls Hockey side.

‘I think I just had to be really organized. And I was. My teachers made sure that if I missed something, they had it all laid out for me. If I was going to be away, they would give me all the questions I needed to work on. Whenever I went to see them, they had a solution or an answer, and a willingness to help me achieve both my sporting aspirations and my academics. That number 2 would never have been possible without that support.’

Needless to say, next year involves a lot of hockey for Tatum beginning with a few weeks at the Australian Institute of Sport in March. But she’s going to continue the juggle of sport with academics.

‘There’ll be a lot of hockey in 2020 and I’m hoping for a scholarship at UQ to study a Bachelor of Health Sport and Physical Education. That way I can play for the UQ Open Women’s team at the same time – they’re the number one team in the State so that would be really great.’

To the teaching staff at Fairholme, Tatum has this message.

‘Your support and encouragement has inspired me, and so my goal now, is to become a teacher. My parents are both wonderful teachers, and the staff at Fairholme have been amazing. I would like to be able to pay it forward.’

But when we ask what will happen when the Hockeyroos call, Tatum response is swift.

‘Pack up and move to Perth!’ she says laughing.