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Lucy O’Connor started at Fairholme in tiny tartan shorts with Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Harris, 14 years ago.

‘The most vivid memory I have is having to hold hands with a buddy while you walked to the library or music. I would always hide in the classroom while they were matching up buddies so that I could be at the very back of the line – so I could hold Mrs Harris’ hand because she had the softest hands.’

14 years on and Lucy is today holding the hands of her fellow 2019 Seniors, as they line up outside the Assembly Hall one last time.

‘It goes so fast – so fast that it doesn’t quite feel real. I think you can get lost in the exams and so my advice to the incoming Seniors would be to soak up the friendships. In the hurry and chaos of it all, be present whenever you can.’

The moments Lucy has treasured vary – from March Pasts and Carnivals to Maths C with Dr Hill – moments she says she has bundled up to take with her from Fairholme.

‘Dr Hill has had the biggest impact on me. I have found her so inspiring – everything she said I wanted to write down.’

Next year Lucy hopes to study Engineering in Brisbane.

‘I don’t quite know exactly what I’d like to specialise in yet, but I’m excited about going to Brisbane. It will be nice to be somewhere new. I’ve walked to and from school pretty much my whole life, so now I’m looking forward to change and a challenge.’

Lucy’s sister, Alice, graduated in 2016 and was there for many of Lucy’s milestones at Fairholme.

‘I do remember a struggle in that transition from the Junior school into Middle school. Alice wanted to help me, but she wanted me to find my own way too, so I did. And I think most transitions are difficult times, but change brings that.’

Asked if she is concerned about the next transition – and she shakes her head with certainty.

‘I’m not worried about leaving at all. I think I’ve been well prepared for this day and I’m excited to go to a co-ed college next year. I think I’ve gained a lot from going to an all-girls school, though. I’m very comfortable in my body and around my friends, I’ve never felt inhibited.’

Lucy and the 2019 cohort will receive their OP scores – for the last time in Queensland – on Saturday morning 14 December.

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