Georgina Hopson (2007)

Georgina Hopson (2007)

Teachers at Fairholme always knew Georgina Hopson was bound for greatness.

‘Georgina has such an engaging personality, and was always a ‘stand out’ of the Fairholme singing studio. She was Singer of the Day in her final year – 2007,’ says Fairholme teacher, Gwenyth Chappell.

Now, with the Rob Guest Endowment Award under her belt, Georgina is headed for the birth place of Musical Performances, New York.

‘I don’t think there’s a better place to learn even more about the industry, than New York. I’m heading there in June at this stage.’

Last year, the talented singer and performer, spent much of her time on tour with the production of My Fair Lady, which was directed by Julie Andrews.

But she says, this award, takes the cake.

‘To be given the stamp of approval from the industry itself is such an honour, and I feel so blessed to not only have work on the horizon, but to be recognised.’

Georgina attributes her early learning and love for musical theatre to Fairholme singing coach, Gwenyth Chappell.

‘She is just the most amazing teacher and I think Fairholme is so lucky to have her there, helping prepare girls for future in singing and music. I am always grateful to Mrs Chappell – that’s where my love for musicals began.’

The scholarship allows Georgina to also give back to the industry, and she’s hoping to offer some workshops and share the information she’s already learned.

Georgina will pack her bags, and travel with fellow Fairholme Old Girl, Aly Cochran (Senior 2007), to New York in June.