Middle School The Arts

Arts education not only enhances students' understanding of the world around them, but it also broadens their perspective on traditional academics. The arts give us the creativity to express ourselves, while challenging our intellect. The arts integrate life and learning for all students and are integral in the development of the whole person.   (Dr. Terry Bergeson, November 2001)

The Arts in the Middle School offers students an opportunity to acquire academic competencies and interpersonal skills through involvement in the artistic process of creativity and self-expression. Offerings include Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Debating, Public Speaking and Sound & Lighting opportunities.

The cultural profile of the College is enriched by a strong set of performance and presentation events to showcase the highly valued depth and talent of the girls:

  • Kaleidoscope Concert Series 2020 Brochure ›
  • Middle School Lunchtime Concerts
  • Middle School Recitals
  • Middle School Assemblies
  • Singout and Stringout Festivals
  • City of Toowoomba Eisteddfod
  • Annual Instrumental and Choral Music Camps
  • Curtain Call Arts Presentation Evening
  • GetSmART Arts Festival
  • College services & events
  • Co-productions musicals
  • Dance and Drama Showcases
  • Visual Art Displays, Exhibitions and Regional Competitions
  • Various Touring and Community performance opportunities

We look forward to welcoming your daughter to the wonderful world of The Arts at Fairholme College.

Specialist Music Speech & Drama

Individual/Group Tuition for Music/Speech & Drama Application Form

Please Note: Arts Tuition Terms and Conditions

The Arts Facilities

  • The Patrea O’Shea Performing Arts Centre, home to Junior and Senior Classroom Music, Co-curricular Ensemble Music, specialist studios for Music tuition (and practice) and the Dance Studio.
  • 2 Additional Music Rooms located in the Middle School
  • 2 Visual Arts Spaces
  • 2 Drama Spaces
  • Performance venues include the Assembly Hall (with Yamaha C3 Grand Piano & Pipe Organ), Cameron Room (Homestead) and New Chapel

The Arts as a Subject

Fairholme College includes arts activities for all year levels from the Kindy through to Year 12. Students may participate in The Arts through both academic programs in class and also the thriving co-curricular program outside of school hours. Students will be introduced to all, or a combination, of classroom subjects in the Middle School, with the opportunity to continue through elective subjects in the Senior School.

Any enquiries regarding The Arts, including event information and results, can be directed to Mrs Kathy Siebuhr, Assistant to Performing & Visual Arts Departments via Angie.Stephens@fairholme.qld.edu.au

The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School
The Arts at Fairholme Middle School