Pastoral Care

Thankful, Hopeful, Resilient, Inspired, Valued, Empowered

The underpinning philosophy behind the THRIVE Program, which is a holistic program, is to equip our students with the personal skills and factual information to enable them to make educated decisions when they negotiate the increasingly complex world in which they live.

The program promotes exploration of the developing self so that our students feel confident, not only in the school environment, but also in the wider community. The aim is to instil acceptance of themselves as worthwhile, competent and capable young women.

The THRIVE Program also presents an opportunity for the girls to listen, hear and deliberate over some of the issues that they might face in today’s society. The THRIVE Program encourages to the girls to explore complex decision making in real life situations and look at behaviour and implications for the individual, family, local and global communities, with consideration given to up‐to‐date and age‐appropriate information.

Students are encouraged to speak openly about their thoughts, ideas and feelings, in a supportive environment. The program will remain flexible, and evolve as required, to meet the needs of the College community.

Our THRIVE curriculum is delivered through fortnightly classes in Year 7 to 12 and is complemented by an effective pastoral care program, Christian Education lessons, Chapel Services and Assemblies, in addition to the Year Level Meeting Program which features in the Senior School.