Pastoral Care

Every student in years 8-12 is time tabled to attend Life Skills lessons once every two weeks.

The purpose that underpins Life Skills, an holistic program, is to equip our students with the personal skills they need to negotiate the increasingly complex world in which they live.

The program promotes explorations of the developing self so that our students feel confident not only in the school environment, but also in the wider community.

The aim is to develop each girl’s acceptance of herself as a worthwhile, competent and productive young woman, and also to provide information to enable students to make informed life choices.

Life Skills presents an opportunity for the girls to be heard and deliberate over some of the contemporary issues that individuals in today's society might face. Students are encouraged to speak openly about their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, in a supportive environment.

Questions and comments are answered and discussed frankly but with consideration to up-to-date and age appropriate information.