Learning Enhancement

Innovative and multi-faceted, our Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC) supports the learning of all Fairholme College students, recognising that each student can be at different stages along the learning spectrum; we aim for inclusion for all girls.

Learning Enhancement at Fairholme is offered through supportive, inclusive programs across the College. This may involve in-class support, small group assistance and classes and withdrawal support. This enables us to ensure that each girl requiring support has a program tailored to their needs.

Students who may benefit from learning support are identified and referred to the LEC team for further assessment. They meet with a member of the learning enrichment team who will help with assessments, study skills, examination preparation and organisation. The team has established intervention programs for girls who need more intensive support.

LEC staff also work with closely with teachers, families and specialists to ensure a collaborative approach to leaning management.

Learning Enhancement provides ongoing benefits for students, staff and parents.

These include:

  • Specialist advice for teachers and parents for shared approaches in class and at home
  • In-class, small group and withdrawal assistance for students
  • Planning with staff for differentiated curriculum
  • Formal assessment of individual student needs
  • Individual education plans for students assessed as requiring additional learning support or extension/accelerative options
  • Early intervention programs in the Junior School
  • Homework and assessment help sessions conducted before, during and after school
  • Co-curricular interest groups E.g. Robitics club, STEAM, Debating, Various Drama and Arts groups
  • Facilitation of student participation in a variety of competitions including University of Southern Queensland Science and Engineering Challenge, Darling Downs Maths Team Challenge, Mathematics Olympiad
  • Referral to external specialists

Middle School Learning Enhancement
Middle School Learning Enhancement
Middle School Learning Enhancement
Middle School Learning Enhancement
Middle School Learning Enhancement