Fairholme Kindy

Why Fairholme Kindy?

  • Experienced, enthusiastic, highly qualified and consistent educators (they will be working with the children each day);
  • Consistency with class composition; the children quickly establish a sense of belonging to the group and get to know each others families;
  • Natural play spaces and well resourced rooms;
  • Specialist lessons in music, PE and library;
  • A sense of belonging to a school community and a connection with Fairholme college and students (we often get visits from the ‘big girls’);
  • A Kindy uniform that builds on the sense of connection, is suitable and safe to play in and saves any discussion in the morning about Kindy clothes!;
  • Auslan (Australian sign language) program where children learn basic sign language, an understanding of diversity and inclusion and are early learners of a second language;
  • Before and after school care and a holiday program is provided by Hallthorpes and is available for all Kindy children;
  • A sensory motor integration program, Learning Connections (we call this Body Fun at Kindy) ;
  • Access to school facilities to build on the program;
  • Opportunities for risk taking play (in a safe way).