Fairholme Kindy

Fairholme Kindy - Our Philosophy

At Fairholme Kindy our focus is to provide strong foundations for young children to build upon during the lifelong learning process.

We believe:

  • Children are unique individuals with their own interests, learning styles, rate of development, life experiences and cultural heritage
  • All children are seen as successful, competent and capable learners who are all valued and active contributors to the program
  • Partnerships between family and Fairholme Kindy are respected, encouraged and essential for the optimal benefit of the children
  • Children require a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment where they are valued, respected and feel they belong
  • That the Kindy year is a crucial and important time in the child’s life that will lay strong foundations for later academic, social, emotional and physical development
  • Children are active learners and communicators who learn and develop through creative free‐play, social interactions, planned experiences, and spontaneous teachable moments
  • That the environment presented to the children should engage the senses, stimulate curiosity, encourage active exploration and offer the opportunity to engage with nature
  • Children enjoy a sense of belonging to a community and that they will benefit from experiences extended beyond the Kindy room:
    • The importance of acknowledging and respecting the diversity of our families, their histories, culture, languages and traditions
    • That children should develop an awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and their strong connection to place, language and community.