Fairholme Kindy

A day at Fairholme Kindy.

Routines offer children a sense of security and stability however they also need to be flexible to respond to the groups needs and the opportunities presented throughout the day. Generally the children will spend a large block of time inside and outside allowing for the development of play interests.

Group times, morning tea and lunch are occasions to come together as a class and share books, stories, dance, chats, songs, rhymes and common interests. We see meal times as a social event and encourage the children to chat together and with the educators. There is also time each day for some quiet relaxation or a sleep if required.

Each week the children will have a specialist music, PE and library lesson. We also make the most of opportunities presented by the school to build on our program by observing a concert, participating in sports carnivals, visiting the arts rooms or other such events that suit our program and group of children.