Scholarships at Fairholme

Fairholme College is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for girls and nurturing their individual interests and talents.

Academic Scholarships

Eligible applicants will enter Year 7 or Year 10 in the year following the ACER Scholarship exam and will have evidence of quantifiably high levels of academic achievement through their schooling.

Board of Directors’ Bursary

Eligible applicants are new students who had demonstrated skills and talents in areas such as the Arts, Sport, Leadership or Academics. These Bursaries are generally awarded to new students in Year 7 and 10. From time to time students of other year levels in Middle / Senior school may be awarded a Bursary.

Music Scholarships

Eligible applicants are students who are entering Year 7 or Year 10 , who meet the specifications outlined within the individual Music Scholarships and are prepared to be invited to audition on their specified instrument.

Music Scholarships offered are:

  1. The Marjorie Milliken Middle School Scholarship 
  2. The Bob Balsillie Memorial Senior School Scholarship 
  3. The Lindsay Statham Memorial Senior School Scholarship 

All Music Scholarship applicants are required to submit the Music Scholarship Application Form  (350KB PDF)

Isolated Children’s Parents Association Scholarship (ICPA)

Applications are open to the daughter of a financial member of the ICPA as a new boarder. ICPA applicants are asked to submit the ICPA Application Form  (330KB PDF)

Presbyterian Church of Queensland Start-Up Boarding Bursary

The Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ) offers a bursary to assist new families with the starting costs of becoming a boarder. Candidates are required to fulfil the criteria associated with the bursary, sit the ACER exam and submit the PCQ Boarding Bursary Application Form.

The Winchester Foundation

The John & Beryl Neilsen Winchester Foundation was established as a Public Foundation in 2011 by Mrs Beryl Neilsen.

The main motivation behind its creation is to provide assistance to children and youth living in rural and regional areas with their education.

Visit  for further information.