Scholarships at Fairholme

The Marjorie Milliken Middle School Scholarship

Applications open to internal and external candidates entering Year 7 and is awarded each year, to girls entering Year 7 until Year 9 (3 years’ duration). Candidates must sit the ACER exam.

Marjorie Milliken Music Scholarship details:

Marjorie Milliken

Marjorie Milliken: Fairholme Old Girl 1942-1948 and Head Girl 1948.

Marjorie Milliken was a boarding student of Fairholme College between 1942-1948, and was appointed as Head Girl in her final year of schooling. This scholarship has been established by the Board of Directors and the Fairholme Old Girls Association to to be awarded to one or two Year 7 students each year, to foster their special musical ability. The scholarship recognises Marjorie Milliken’s support of Fairholme College and its music program over many years. Furthermore, it celebrates her work in Queensland schools which has nurtured and developed musical talent and enjoyment.

The scholarship, which is awarded subject to audition, interview and the results of the ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) scholarship exam, covers:

  • 50% off tuition;
  • Private Music lessons in auditioned instrument to the value of $2000 per annum;
  • The cost of the annual music camp (instrumental or choral);
  • The cost of associated sheet music (up to a value of $200 per annum);
  • The cost of examinations (for the instrument / voice that the student was awarded the scholarship).

The awardee of this scholarship will be required to perform at events as required by the Head of The Arts or Performance Music, participate in elective music, music extension and various College ensembles and maintain a high level of application in all subjects.

Short-listed applicants will be asked to audition at the College on the day before the written ACER scholarship exam. Applicants should have reached Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent in their chosen instrument. For audition applicants will be asked to perform 2 contrasting pieces with a total duration of 5 to 8 minutes. Aural ability, sight reading, sight singing and general knowledge of their chosen pieces will also be tested. A short interview with the Principal of the College will directly follow the audition. Applicants should provide their own accompanist. Should this be difficult due to distance, please contact the College.

Application for this scholarship is a 2 step process:

  1. On-line registration for the annual ACER scholarship exam (See Scholarship Overview) and;
  2. Submission of the Music Scholarship Application Form (350KB PDF) along with copies of evidence of the most recent and/or highest level of musical achievement in the chosen instrument and most recent school report.

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Additional notes:

The value and duration of all scholarships is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and all scholarships are a percentage of tuition only. The school requires that all applicants and their families support the College’s mission and ethos in full.

The College reserves the right not to offer a scholarship or scholarships at a particular Year level or within a specific category. When the scholarship is offered to the successful applicant it is a requirement that all of the usual enrolment fees are to be paid in full.

For further information please contact the Enrolments Officer, Mrs Emily Veal via 07 4688 4688 or

Eligible applicants are those who:

  • Are aligned with, and supportive of the College values;
  • Fulfil the specifications outlined within the individual Music Scholarships.

Note: In reaching decisions, consideration is given to those students who, due to financial reasons, would not otherwise be able to benefit from a Fairholme education.