Enrol at Fairholme

Please be sure to fully read the College enrolment procedure › prior to completing this application.

Please note: Electronic copies of some documents are required to complete this application form. When scanning hard-copy documents, please ensure the document file-size is not excessive as this may delay the processing of your application. A 4MB (megabyte) limit per file should be observed.

If you experience any difficulties in completing this online form, please contact Mrs Emily Veal via 07 4688 4635 or enrol@fairholme.qld.edu.au

(This name should match your child's birth certificate)

(Please format as DD/MM/YY)

Visa Number if not Permanent Resident

Please attach: A copy of Birth Certificate. International Students to supply a copy of Passport and Visa details.

(A clear, passport sized individual photo)

Please attach a copy of current school report

Please attach a copy of current NAPLAN report

We are here to support your child. To do so, it is important that we understand if there are any areas in which your child may require extra support. Please provide us with the details of any learning enhancement needs your child may require, or any conditions we should be aware of to ensure their safety.
(Please attach all relevant documentation)

Please give details (and provide all relevant documentation). If this section is not completed, the College will assume your daughter does not have specific learning needs that require support.

(If different from residential)

(If different from residential)

Please tick if applicable, and upload (below) any documentation in relation to any Family Court order or binding agreement regarding residency, contact, or any other parenting issues which apply to the student. This is a requirement of admission.

Who have attended (Mothers who are Fairholme Old Girls should include their names again here), are attending, or will be attending Fairholme College:

(if applicable)

(if there are multiple family members please list details in box below)

Please state the name and address of parents’ referee to whom the Principal may refer.

Please note any medical conditions and attach any documentation that outlines previous and/or existing physical, emotional or mental conditions that may affect your daughter’s progress. Note that the Fairholme College Medical Form will be sent for completion prior to final enrolment.

Please note that some students at Fairholme have an extreme and life threatening reaction to peanuts and, as such, we seek care and caution from all members of the College community.

Do you give consent for your child’s image and/or name being used by Fairholme College for the purpose of promotion and marketing, including but without limitation, electronic media, year books, newsletter, advertising or promotional materials and/or media releases and statements.
Name of person(s) to whom school fee accounts and statements should be addressed:

Please indicate how you intend to make payment of the non-refundable application fee of $110 (Day Students/Boarders) and $132 (Overseas students) by checking one of the boxes below:

We the undersigned have read and agree to the Conditions of Entry › and to be bound by the terms of the Conditions of Entry. This includes being joint and severally liable to pay the school account within the specified time on the invoice. Also, that one (1) Term’s notice, in writing to the Principal, is required to be paid prior to the withdrawal of a student, or the change of status from Boarder to Day student. if not received, a full Term’s fee in lieu of notice can be charged.