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Staff Professional Learning

Staff Professional Learning

Yr 12 Chapel, Dinner and Meeting - Chapel, Dining Room and Assembly Hall, 5-8pm
Yr 12 Boarders' Meeting - Homestead, 4-4.45pm
Yr 12 Boarders into Residence between 2.30pm and 3.30pm
Australia Day Public Holiday

Returning Boarder into Residence between 2pm and 5pm - Boarding House, 2-5pm
Open Afternoon for Prep to Year 6 students - Junior classrooms, 2-3pm
Afternoon Tea and Welcome Interviews for New Day Girls - Amphitheatre, 3.20-4.20pm
{P] FamilyZone Session for Returning Boarding Families - Homestead, 4-5pm
Orientation Program for All New Day Girls and Boarders - including all Yr 7 Girls - 1-3.20pm
Yr 12 Program - Assembly Hall, 10am-3pm
Lunch for New Boarders, Families, Big Sisters and Parent Ambassadors - Dining Room, 12-12.45pm
Sessions for New Boarders and Families - DiningRoom, 10am-12pm
Morning Tea for all New Boarders and Families -Dining Room, 9.30-10am
Orientation Program for all new girls and all Year 7 girls - Various Venue
Kindy Orientation visits - Kindy classrooms, 9am-4pm
All New Boarders Into Residence - Boarding House, 8.45am
Returning Boarders into Residence by 5pm
Staff Professional Learning