Fairholme Events

College Calendar

Year 10-11 Dinner with TGS - Guest Speaker Charity Dinner -Toowoomba Grammar School, 6.30-8pm
Fusion Band, Room P23 Performing Arts Building, 4.30pm-5pm
Day Families (Middle and Senior School) - Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews - Assembly Hall, 3.40-6pm
Assn Touch Training - Queens Park, 3.30-5.30pm
Junior Band - Room P23 Performing Arts Building, 3.30-4.25pm
Assn Football Training - Fairholme Oval, 3.30-5pm
Year 12 Leadership Committees Meet - Various Venues, 1-1.45pm
The Women's College info session - Pathway Centre,1.10-1.40
Stage Band-P23, 7.30-8.20am
[SS} Health girls Placement Induction - St Vincent’s, 8.30-10.30am
Speed Power & Strength - Weights Room, 7-7.45am

TGS Cadet Unit: Home Training - Toowoomba Grammar School, 3-5pm
Assn Netball Training - Gym, 3.30-5pm
Assn Volleyball Training - Gym, 3.30-5pm
All Schools Touch Team training - meet in L Assembly,3.30pm-5pm
Assn Basketball - TBA, TBA
Bastille Day - Dining Room & Assembly Hall, 11am-1.30pm

Assn Touch - Kearney Spring, 12.30-6pm
Years 8-12 Boarders' Social at Fairholme - Assembly Hall, 7-9pm
Assn Netball - NER, 9.45am-5pm