Fairholme Events

College Calendar

DD Softball 10-12yrs - Kearneys Spring
CANCELLED Equestrian Training - Morning View, 9.30am-3.30pm
cencelled Rosies Friends on the Street - Wine Drive Park,10.20-11.40am

CANCELLED Symphony Orchestra
CANCELLED Assn Hockey Training - Clyde Park, 5.30-6.45pm
CANCELLED Athletics Training - Oval & Anembo Crt, 3.30-5pm
CANCELLED Assn Volleyball Training - Gym, 3.30-5pm
CANCELLED Troupe de Loop
CANCELLED Flute Ensemble
College Chapel Service - Assembly Hall, 1.40-2.15pm
POSTPONED Junior School Musical Dress Rehearsal (Kindy3 Day groups to attend) - Assembly Hall, 11am-12.30pm
CANCELLED Tartan Trebles - Years 1-3 - L Assembly, 12.55-1.20pm
CANCELLED Chamber Strings
Year 12 QUT Survey, Monday 30 March, Period 1
POSTPONED 10 Humanities Refugee Forum - 10.50am - 1pm
CANCELLED Cross Country Training - Fairholme, 6.15-7.15am
CANCELLED Dance Troupe
CANCELLED Bagpipes & Drums
POSTPONED DD Basketball 10-12yrs - Toowoomba
POSTPONED DD Softball 10-12yrs, Kearneys Spring