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SOFA is a parent initiative that aims to support, assist, encourage and develop The Arts at Fairholme College, by way of moral and material support.

This assistance may be as simple as providing a plate for supper, acting as hosts or manning the door at various Arts-related events. Admission to many events is by gold coin donation and these funds are reinvested back into the support and development of The Arts by SOFA.

If you wish your daughter to receive private voice/ instrumental music/ speech & drama with qualified staff at Fairholme College, you will notice on the bottom of the tuition forms there are questions as to how involved you wish to become in support of SOFA.

For example, you may indicate whether you wish to be contacted if help is needed and you may choose to receive minutes of the meetings. You are also most welcome at our group if your daughter undertakes private lessons outside of the College.


SOFA is a sub-group of the Fairholme College P&F, and therefore falls under the constitution of the P&F. SOFA reports to each P&F meeting in both written and verbal format.

The SOFA executive (President, Secretary and Treasurer) are drawn from the parent body and are elected at the first meeting of each calendar year.

Supporters of Fairholme Art (SOFA) is open to any member of the Fairholme community with an interest in supporting the Arts.

SOFA Meeting Invitation

The next SOFA meeting will be held on Tuesday evening, 6 March, from 6.30-7.30pm in Room P22 of the Patrea O’Shea Arts Building.

If your daughter is engaged in the Arts (Dance, Drama, Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Art, Sound & Lighting, Debating or Public Speaking), we would be thrilled if you would join us. As the name suggests, SOFA is a parent group that provides assistance and support for the myriad of Arts programs on offer at Fairholme, fostering interest in the recitals, concerts, exhibitions and presentation evenings and celebrates the work of students within the Arts. The meeting provides information about upcoming events and an opportunity to connect with other parents whose daughters are involved in The Arts.

SOFA Representatives


Deb Munro


Sonia Fitton


Diane McKellar

Meet With Us

Meetings: The first Tuesday of each month, term time at 6:30pm.

Venue: Performing Arts Building, room P22

For further information, contact the Performing Arts Department on 07 4688 4679 or
via Email

SOFA Information: