Community Groups

Formed in 1952, Fairholme’s P&F is a support group designed to provide assistance to the students of Fairholme College through betterment of the educational environment.

It also provides a friend-raising and networking forum for parents. This occurs in a diversity of ways - through attendance at meetings, serving at school-based events, fundraising, and generally through taking interest in school activities.

Through support of the HOLMEStore , the annual Spring Fair as well as other fundraising activities, the P&F is able to undertake projects which provide extra resources and capital items that would not otherwise be able to be acquired through fees.

The Projects Committee meets annually to review a ‘Wish List’ generated by members of staff. In addition, sub groups may make requests from time to time for funding of items over $500. Recently purchased items and projects include electronic whiteboards, library furniture, data projectors, refurbishment of the courtyard in the boarding house, choir rises and an exercise area on the oval.

The provision of such items and resources is designed to benefit as many students as possible and ideally, over a number of years. The philosophy of making even a small difference across the entire school community is in keeping with the spirit of the P&F. As such, the P&F is unable to support individual students or small groups.

A number of sub-groups sit under the umbrella of the P&F and all seek to nurture the educational opportunities for members of the Fairholme community.

Meet with us

Meetings: From 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month, during term time. Next meeting scheduled for 8 May 2018.

Venue: L Block Assembly (entry from Wirra Wirra Street carpark)

Contact: Fairholme College Reception: 07 4688 4688 or via

Meeting Minutes

2018 P&F Representatives


Mrs Janelle Davis


Mr Patrick Darveniza


Mr Keith Saunders

Vice Presidents

Ben Gouldson
David Johnston

P&F Representatives

(Pending March meeting)

Gala Ball Convenor:

Kirstie Smolenski

Spring Fair Co-ordinator

Mrs Janelle Davis

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