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In 2020 Fairholme’s Senior Communications Committee, along with Communications Manager, Ms Marita Ramia, will be bringing a weekly Podcast to Fairholme, titled At Holme.

At Holme Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1

At Holme Podcast - Season 3 (Newest first)

At Holme Podcast - Season 2

  • At Holme #2 ‘Flourish’ › (8 min)
    Our Head Girls have surprised the college with the launch of their first magazine; ‘Flourish’. The Magazine is designed to share Fairholme stories, current news and exciting events happening within the community. The Communications Committee sat down with Head Girl, Laura Craft; Head Day Girl, Phoebe Myer-Elks and Head Boarder, Zara Bambling to talk about the launch of ‘Flourish’.
  • At Holme #1 Learning From home - Erin Tonscheck › (14 min)
    As Fairholme Junior begins Term 2 with at least 5 weeks of online learning, Head of the Junior School and former Distance Education teacher, Erin Tonscheck, shares some tips with parents.

At Holme Podcast - Season 1

  • At Holme #10 We’re all in this Together › (9 min)
    In this podcast Dr Linda Evans shares her message for parents about the current global pandemic, and why she wants parents to be understanding when it comes to learning at ‘holme’.
  • At Holme #9 Learning from Home Middle and Senior School › (9 min)
    In this podcast, Mr Stewart Peacock, Head of Teaching and Learning at Fairholme, discusses how learning from home will occur for your daughter in the Middle or Senior School.
  • At Holme #8 Junior School home learning › (9 min)
    As students begin learning from home on Monday 30 March - or for some as early as next week - Erin Tonscheck, the Head of Fairholme Junior, shares information on how classes will operate from each student's home.
  • At Holme #7 COVID School Response › (9 min)
    In this podcast, Principal, Dr Linda Evans and College Doctor, Dr Sharyn Donaldson discuss the difficult decisions made by the school this week around COVID-19 and how parents should prepare for the School Holidays and isolation.
  • At Holme #6 › (16 min)
    Today, Maddie and Eve talk to four Fairholme girls. Tink Morgan talks about the empowerment that comes from living in an all-girls environment as a Boarder.
    Mahsa Nabizada speaks of her inspiring Mum who fought for a career in Afghanistan - a community where women were not supposed to be financially independent.
    Senior student, Tarryn Sorour, discusses why we need men to speak up and Head Day girl, Phoebe Meyer Elks, explores what might happen if awareness of women’s rights is encouraged in the education of young boys.
  • At Holme #5 › (11:45 min)
    Ness and Arthur Bambling have been parents at Fairholme for nearly two decades, with daughters, Emm, Josie and Zara all wearing the tartan. But their Fairholme ties stretch back to the 40s when Arthur's Mum started her boarding journey at the tender age of 9. Zara was name Head Boarder this year, as the Bambling's Fairholme journey comes to an end… at least for now.
  • At Holme #4 › (10 min)
    Communication Leaders, Immy and Lilly, talk to our Head Girl, Laura Craft, about mountain biking, life after school and a secret talent.
  • At Holme #3 › (8 min)
    Year 12 student, Grace Lennon, chats to fellow students Maddy Randall and Eve Fenton about restoring friendships at Fairholme, working in a veterinary clinic and why Archery is her chosen sport.
  • At Holme #2 › (14 min)
    Listen to Head of Sport, Tony Tregaskis, discuss the College's success in 2019, his plans for an even stronger 2020 and why you need to purchase some ear plugs before Friday's swimming carnival.
  • At Holme #1 › (9 min)
    In the first episode, Dr Linda Evans, Principal of Fairholme, discusses a new decade at Fairholme – including the approved Master Plan, new enrolments and the joy of holidays.