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Meet our Head Day Girl 2019

Here are three things you might not know about our Head Day girl in 2019.

  1. Her full name is Rosemary
  2. She has two big sisters who are Fairholme Old Girls, and two little brothers who also attended Fairholme
  3. When she finishes school, she’d like study to become a doctor and one day, a surgeon

Meet Rosie Smolenski, a smiling bubbly Fairholme girl – the youngest of three Smolenski girls. Eliza graduated in 2016 and Jillian finished this year.

‘It’s going to be very quiet at home. Eliza lives in Brisbane now and Jill is off to Melbourne. There were seven of us and now there will be five. It will be different – and very quiet!’

Rosie has two little brothers who also attended Fairholme when they were in Kindy.

After a long association with Fairholme, Rosie says the role of Head Day Girl is an honour.

‘It was a very surreal moment when they said my name. Annika had already been called up as Head Boarder, and I just remember screaming with excitement for her.’

When Rosie’s name was called out, she instantly felt a connection to the position of Head Girl.

‘I did feel like after many years of loving the school so much, this was my chance to show everyone how much I appreciate being a Fairholme student.’

There’s a few things Rosie would like to achieve next year, but a cohesive community is top of the list.

‘More than anything I want to be my happy self and share that with everyone. I want to keep Fairholme fun in 2019, because I have so much love for the school and I while I am excited to represent Day Girls, I hope that I can leave an impression on Day and Boarder students. I think we have a wonderful community when we can all connect.’

It will be a busy year for the Head Day girl, who is also be striving towards attaining Year 12 results that get her into Medicine.