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About Your OP

About Your OP

It’s an exciting time of year for Fairholme’s Head of Teaching and Learning, Stewart Peacock. At the end of next week he will see the end result of years of hard work – both from students and the staff who have worked with them, not only in preparing them for an OP, but building resilience and preparation for paths that might not match their dreams.

‘I’ve always taught the students of Fairholme that there is more than one way to skin a cat. In fact, at Fairholme, the girls are always taught to think outside the box. It is, of course, rewarding then to receive an email from a past student who has taken that notion on board, and succeeded.’

Nicola Murphy graduated in 2012, and has travelled a number of paths, which have now led her into the world of Medicine.

Hi Mr Peacock

I’ve just been watching one of Fairholme’s latest promotional videos about Jemima Brodie and it struck me that I should probably drop you an email. I’ve recently received fantastic news, I’ve been admitted to study Medicine at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, for 2019. Obviously, I’m thrilled about such a fantastic opportunity for me that I’ve worked hard to get.

Since Fairholme, I have studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences with Honours (finishing with First Class Honours) at the University of Queensland and started a Master of Public Health this year to be completed externally. I’ve been working most recently at the Brain Training Study as a Research Assistant and tutoring first, third and fourth year subjects within the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at UQ. It has been an excellent experience working for UQ on research and I will be sad to leave it.

With OPs coming out shortly, I’m reminded about how I felt about my own OP of 8. When I finished at Fairholme, I had my heart set on Physiotherapy, so an OP of 8 didn’t cut it. With the benefit of studying French, I was able to improve my ranking and studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences before transferring to Exercise and Sport Sciences at the end of my first year of university. I was still unable to get into Physiotherapy at the end of first year and, then again at the end of second year. Despite those setbacks, when I went on my placements as a Cardiac Technician in Clinical Measurements at Hearts 1st and Queensland Cardiovascular Group, I developed an interest in studying medicine. I completed the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences with a GPA of 6.35 which has enabled me to get into Medicine.

It has been a truly roundabout way into Medicine but I wanted to share it with you because my OP didn’t end up determining how I would go at University.

Hope Fairholme is going well and that the OP release is positive for all of your Year 12s. 

Kind Regards 
Nicola Murphy