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Meet Our Head Boarder For 2019

It takes Annika Gourley nearly five hours to get home to the family farm in Edgeroi, near Narrabri in New South Wales.

The long journey will give her time to look back on an exciting end to 2018, and begin plans as Head Boarder for 2019.

‘I would like to build a really close relationship between the Year 11 Boarders and Year 12s. That relationship is so important, because the 11s can help with so many activities and preparations for the year. It also gives them a sense of stepping into our role when we leave.’

Ask anyone in the Boarding House and it’s no surprise that Annika’s name was announced on Assembly as the Head Boarder for 2019. But ask Annika what she thought, and you’ll get a different story.

‘I was very shocked. I was not thinking at all that I would get that position. Not at all,’ she says, shaking her head.

‘And then when they said Rosie and Maggie’s names, the shock turned to excitement. I know I will love working with those girls.’

Rosie Smolenski is Head Day Girl, while Maggie Grigg takes on the role of Head Girl. Both are Toowoomba girls.

Annika hails from the same rural area as our 2017 Head Girl, Georgie Guest, and she admits Georgie was an inspiration as well as a friend in the Fairholme Boarding House.

‘I came to Fairholme in Year 8 and there were a lot of new Boarders that year, so we sort of all settled in together; knowing we were in the same boat probably made it easier.’

Annika says the best thing about Boarding at Fairholme is the sense of community and the bond the girls share.

‘We all just have so much fun, and I would really like to make sure it stays that way next year, and build on the special community we already have.’

Her family in Edgeroi consists of Mum and Dad and three brothers – one older and two younger.

‘My youngest brother is still at home – I miss him when I’m at school, and the other one is in Year 8 at Grammar. My older brother just graduated this year.’

When Annika heads home these holidays she’ll be helping out on the farm.

‘I work for Dad a fair bit. We do some fencing and we have a few cattle, so we’ll do some mustering.’

At the end of January she’ll return to Toowoomba, ready to muster the Fairholme spirit for 2019.

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