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A Fairholme Story

‘I started at Fairholme in Year 8. I had already spent a year boarding up the road at Prep, and a few of my friends were coming to Fairholme too, so I was mainly excited to be reunited with them.’

Claire didn’t know that her small group from the previous year would grow to include hundreds of new Boarders with new stories, by the end of her schooling journey.

‘I packed up my bags last night and it was incredibly sad. I have so many memories there – just being with the girls on weekends, and lazing around in Daisy. I am going to miss them all so much.’

They are friendships forged through happiness and hard times, that Claire knows will last a lifetime.

‘In year 8, my best friend, Rachel, lost her Mum. That’s was pretty hard for her, and I hope that I helped her through some of that grief. We’ve always been there for each other – our whole lives. I know it made Rachel so strong, but I think it taught us all a thing or two about resilience.’

Claire was planning on heading back to the family cotton farm to help with irrigating after school, but the drought has left them without enough water to plant. Instead, she’ll begin her Gap year with a barista course, and hopes to pick up work in Toowoomba.

‘I’m pretty nervous even about being in Toowoomba in a house on my own, after living with so many girls! But I’ve applied to do Business degree at Universities in Brisbane and Armidale the year after, so who knows where I’ll end up.’

She laughs and jokes that she’ll probably be back in the forever helpful Fairholme Pathways Centre before long.

‘I love the Pathways ladies. Their door is always open – thank goodness! I’ll be popping in next year!’

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