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A Fairholme Story

Georgia Bragg has memories of Fairholme long before she actually left her family’s sheep farm in Bourke, New South Wales.

Her two big sisters, Ali and Sophie, graduated from Fairholme in 2015.

‘I remember when Al and Soph were here, I always really wanted to come, too. I used to turn up at all the swimming and athletics carnivals and join in the cheering – before I was even there. I just always wanted to be a part of that.’

In 2013 it was finally her turn to dress in the tartan, as a little Year 7 Boarder.

‘I remember I really loved the Year 7’s Boarder area. We used to do all these fun things like fashion parades and wrestling matches – it was so much fun. I was sad for home, but not as homesick as I thought I’d be. I guess having Ali and Soph there helped.’

Georgia believes the College saying ‘Once a Fairholme Girl, Always a Fairholme Girl’, can also be said for ‘Once a Fairholme sister, always a Fairholme sister’.

‘Jane Lafrenz and I got to know each other before we came to Fairholme, and we’ve stuck together this whole time. Our entire cohort is really connected and we’ve created a strong bond this year. I think that will be my greatest memory of Fairholme – the sisterhood we share.’

Georgia is quick to add there were hard times peppered through her years, but she says, those are the times that helped prepare for next year.

‘I think I underestimated how much work I would need to do with six subjects these past two years. But I did it. I worked hard, I felt the stress but I survived. I think the support network we have here is incredible.’

Georgia admits school work has never been easy for her. She’s had to focus and work hard. Somewhere, amidst all of that work, she’s always found time to share her gift of music and singing on so many Assemblies, at Fairholme functions and even in front of the likes of Professor Fiona Wood, Dr Rolf Gomes and Ita Buttrose.

Fairholme teacher, Kylie Wallis, says in these moments, Georgia has always lead with humility and by example.

‘Georgia’s kindness and compassion, epitomises what we strive for at Fairholme.  I love the way that she looks out for others, before she looks after herself.  We all love hearing her sing and I am always amazed by her art and photography - how she captures the moments other people don’t see,’ says Mrs Wallis.

Georgia’s advice to incoming Boarders and the Seniors of 2019 is to enjoy it all.

‘Make sure you take the opportunities offered to you here, because you’ll regret it if you don’t. And be friendly to girls in all year levels, because the bond you can create across year levels is unique, and so special.’

Georgia’s eyes well up as she talks about her adventures next year, and not seeing her Fairholme family for a year.

‘I never wanted to leave Fairholme. But now I’m happy and excited to take the next big step. I’ll spend my gap year in England, working in a Boarding House in Oxford. I like that I’m going somewhere to help other young boarders in my first year out. I feel like I can pass on some of what I’m taking from Fairholme.’

After a year of travel, Georgia plans on heading to Uni to study in Creative Industries.

And you won’t find her chasing the corporate ladder.

‘I didn’t ever want a job that was about the income. I have worked hard and I’m not afraid of hard work, I just want to work hard at doing something I love.’

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