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Meet A Fairholme Boarder…

Halle Carr is still adjusting to Toowoomba’s 32 degree weather one day, 20 degrees the next. Is it any wonder when her home lies on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Kununurra is the gateway to the East Kimberley, the home of the world heritage listed Purnululu National Park, and the Bungle Bungle Range. It’s a place of adventure, surrounded by lakes, rivers, waterfalls and barramundi.

‘My Dad manages the Sandlwood Plantation, and Mum works at the school,’ says Halle, a tall 15 year old who loves her sport.

‘Netball would have to be my favourite sport, closely followed by Volleyball. I played some regional sport at home in WA last year, and I’m looking forward to Fairholme’s sport.’

Halle admitted on her first day to being nervous about meeting new friends, but says she already has a great group of friends and is getting used to the long tartan dress.

Her little brother has made the long journey from WA with her, to board at Toowoomba Grammar.

Halle’s Mum, Kerrianne, says it was one of the reasons they chose Fairholme.

‘I love that there’s that great connection between Fairholme and Grammar, and they’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch up with each other. I think they’ll lean on each other initially, and I’ll feel better knowing they have each other.’

Halle says she’ll miss the beauty of her Western Australia home, but loves the view from her new room in the Fairholme Boarding House.

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