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Lassoing Dreams… A Year 12 Story

Little fresh faced Year 8 student, Gemma Somerset, was prepared for Boarding School, when she arrived at Fairholme College.

‘I was nervous but I guess I had a better understanding of Boarding after being at another Boarding school the previous year, which made it easier.’

Not that easy though.

‘I missed home. I’m really close with both my parents, and I still get homesick, especially when Mum sends photos of something that’s happened at home. It just makes you feel like you’re missing out.’

But Gemma admits there’s been plenty of fun in the Boarding House, and there’ll be many tears at the end of this week.

‘I don’t think you could ever single out one favourite memory – there’s been so many good times. But the friends I’ve made in the Boarding House and the fun I’ve had there, those are memories I’ll hold on to.’

Earlier this year, Gemma organised the College’s first Agribusiness Breakfast for students.

Three guest speakers, who work in a variety of fields in the Agricultural industry, came to encourage girls to consider a career in their industry.

Gemma organised the successful event herself, but says her ‘have a go’ attitude is largely thanks to the Pathways Centre.

‘I don’t know another school who has anything like it. Our Pathways Centre has been life changing for me. It’s opened so many doors, and has allowed me to leave here better prepared and more employable than most.’

Just last week Gemma received an email, notifying her of her acceptance into early entry at UNE for Agribusiness.

‘That was a great feeling of achievement. I was elated. Then I got another email. This one was from a place called Yougawalla Pastoral Company. They offered me a placement on one of their properties in the Kimberley’s,’ Gemma can barely contain her excitement, as she explains some of the many jobs she’ll tackle in one of the most beautiful regions in Australia.

‘I’ll be in the stock camp, doing some jillaroo work, fencing – lots of hard work. And the landscape will be so different to anything I’ve seen.’

Not that it scares her.

Gemma leaves Fairholme with a Diploma of Business, a Cert II and III in Hospitality, A Cert III in Fitness and a Cert II and III in Business Tourism.

‘It gives me the confidence to know I’ve already got that behind me, and the pathways and opportunities that branch from that are endless.’

And if anything slows her down, there’s one Fairholme message she’ll remind herself of.

‘I’ll always remember Dr Evans saying “Do the little things well.”’