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A Fairholme Friendship… A Year 12 Story

Georgia Heath and Samantha Farquharson aren’t quite sure what life will be like without each other when they leave the close quarters of Fairholme College.

Five years ago, on Orientation Day, they ended up side by side.

‘I remember walking in on that first day. Sami came in late and sat down next to me, and we’ve been friends ever since,’ recalls Georgia.

‘I came all the way from Clermont,’ says Sami as Georgia chimes in with ‘and I came from Our Lady of Lourdes. Somehow our parents were connected and everything grew from that moment.’

Together the girls worked everything out, from timetables, to teachers, to which sport to try out for.

‘Yes we were nervous about being at a new school but we had each other,’ says Georgia.

‘Everyone thought we were sisters or cousins,’ adds Sami.

‘- or twins! Some people still ask us that!’

When they look back at the years they’ve shared, both agree the support of teachers has been incredible.

‘It’s amazing at Fairholme. Whether it’s sport or academic, there is not one teacher who isn’t invested in each of us. You can go up to them after class and they’ll always make time for you,’ says Georgia.

But it’s the spirit of the college that these girls will miss most.

‘Every time you do the jump and jive, or are putting together a march past in house meetings. It really makes your body tingle and gives you that amazing feeling of being connected,’ says Sami and Georgia agrees.

‘Those traditions – some of which have been going for 100 years now – make you feel like that. And it gets better in year 12. I’m not sick of it at all.’

They won’t be walking into an Orientation day together next year, as they both prepare for a gap year. But there’s every chance they’ll be the new kids together again at University in Brisbane the following year.

‘Yes,’ says Sami laughing ‘we probably will! I hope to get into Human Services at UQ – I just want to help people.’

While Georgia is hoping for acceptance into Business and Sport.

‘I feel ready for that, you know - for Uni and work,’ says Georgia with a tear in her eye, ‘but I just want to stay at Fairholme forever.’

The girls admit it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions this year.

‘Winning the TSSS was the most amazing feeling for me,’ says Georgia.

‘It was for me too!’ adds Sami. ‘I was sending her texts all day saying “what have you done? How did you go?’

Georgia agrees.

‘I don’t think it will matter where we end up in the world. We’ll always be friends.’