The Things We Miss…

I miss touching. I keep thinking of shared things we touch. Handrails. Board game pieces. Door handles. I miss not being suspicious of surfaces and how unconscious I was of the ease and innocence of touching. I miss hugging… Read more ›


‘Humans are a resilient species.’ (Albright, 2020) Resilience. I have long feared that the prevalence of the term resilience in education and parenting articles and publications is more about its societal decline… Read more ›

Turning 180 Degrees

On Wednesday 18 March I sent a text to my 26-year-old son which jolted his life into the ultimate ‘180-degree turn’. In a gentle way, I was nudging him home from his life’s dream: two years in Glasgow… Read more ›

Lest We Forget

This Anzac Day, I find myself at the Talara Entrance driveway to Fairholme listening to the Dawn Service live from Canberra: new times call for new ways. My husband has thoughtfully linked his phone to a Bluetooth speaker… Read more ›

This Is The Time To Be Slow...

This is the time to be slow, Lie low to the wall Until the bitter weather passes. Try, as best you can, not to let The wire brush of doubt Scrape from your heart All sense of yourself And your hesitant light. If you remain… Read more ›

The Things We Take For Granted

In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted. Bertrand Russell Yesterday, my 88 year old father went shopping in Sydney. He lost his list, and… Read more ›