Travelling the Distance

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost Read more ›

The Quest for [Im]Perfection

What’s your perfect holiday experience? Mine is invariably a bit flawed, a bit bumpy and dare I say … not so perfect at all. Hence, I’m always intrigued when asked where I went on holidays that the pat… Read more ›

Enable (v)i'neib(ə)l,ɛ'neib(ə)l/

My Year 10 English class will tell you that I am fixated with words. I love their nuances, subtleties and etymology. Most of our lessons involve an aspect of spelling and some discussion about the derivation of words, parts… Read more ›


LESS   In a world of too much, we ironically also crave for, or need, less. It’s the human condition, or at least a very human paradox that less can be more. A wise Year 12 student nearly a decade ago, entitled… Read more ›

With Gratitude

Friday was Thrive Day in the Middle/Senior School: an opportunity to celebrate thankfulness, hope, resilience, inspiration and empowerment. Quite simply, it afforded an opportunity to pause and be grateful to others and… Read more ›

Stop Talking About The Back-Up Plan

I often say: words have weight, be careful how you use them. It is a mantra that has relevance in all chapters of our lives; be that on-line, in person, or in our psyche. The words we feed ourselves and others, define us. Read more ›