Pay It Forward

At the New Farm Community Centre in Brisbane there is a blackboard beside their coffee van with the prices of available coffee. From memory, a flat white costs $4, as does a cappuccino, but, more importantly, for $2 you… Read more ›

The Quest for Connection…

If there is one thematic thread that has emerged with clarity from the strategic planning process we are working through, it’s about the need we all have for connection: real connection. I guess I was hoping for a… Read more ›

On The Importance of Musicals

As I write this, it’s production week for Oliver – the Musical. There is excitement, fatigue and anticipation – simultaneously. No doubt, for some parents there have been the terse words and eye rolling… Read more ›


The Value Of A Rested Mind 4 August 2017 “Sleep, especially deep sleep, is like a balm for the brain.” (Shashank Joshi, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences - Stanford University.) South… Read more ›

100 Years…

I write this on the eve of our 100th year of operation as Fairholme College, on the day that we unveil Grant Lehmann’s imposing sculptures and I can’t help but cast my thoughts back to Mrs Margaret Cameron –… Read more ›

With Honour [They] Serve

‘With Honour [They] Serve’ 12 June 2017 There has been such grief, outrage and sadness for the family, friends and colleagues of Brett Forte – but with it has come an opportunity to express our gratitude… Read more ›