Celebrating Silver Linings

Having observed a supermarket disagreement between a brother and sister just recently, I was drawn to ponder that complex world of sibling conflict. Watching the ridiculous tussle over whose turn it was to push the trolley… Read more ›

When Doing Our Best Is More Than Enough…

Images are powerful, but for me, it is sporting images that speak a language that moves me to new admiration of some people’s best qualities. I have a vivid memory of a photography exhibition my family and I stumbled… Read more ›

UBERING… and the disruption of the world as we have known it

Forgive the nostalgia. I’ve just had a little time in my ‘home town’ of Brisbane, traversing Wickham Terrace whilst my husband is in hospital recovering from (double) knee surgery. Apart from absorbing… Read more ›

Practice The Pause

Pause before judging. Pause before assuming. Pause before accusing. Pause whenever you’re About to react harshly And you’ll avoid doing And saying things You’ll later regret. Lori Deschene Yes, it is all… Read more ›

A school in the making since 1917

Welcome to 201817 January 2018 “In a world of flowers grown in pots, I’d like you girls to thrive in the wild.”(Jennifer Tindugan-Adoviso) Dear Members of the Fairholme Family Welcome to 2018: the first… Read more ›

Steering Girls into the Future

I find the final Year 12 Assembly beautiful and difficult. It’s the combination of the piper leading our tartan-clad Year 12s into the Hall to the tune of Highland Cathedral; the poignancy of the Chamber Choir singing… Read more ›