100 Years…

I write this on the eve of our 100th year of operation as Fairholme College, on the day that we unveil Grant Lehmann’s imposing sculptures and I can’t help but cast my thoughts back to Mrs Margaret Cameron –… Read more ›

With Honour [They] Serve

‘With Honour [They] Serve’ 12 June 2017 There has been such grief, outrage and sadness for the family, friends and colleagues of Brett Forte – but with it has come an opportunity to express our gratitude… Read more ›

Oh, To Be Perfect!

‘Oh, To Be Perfect!’ 26 May 2017 Perfection is a concept that can create dissonant feelings in adolescent girls – on the one hand, perfection may seem like the ultimate life goal, providing motivation to… Read more ›

Learning and Listening Conversations

‘Learning and Listening Conversations’ 12 May 2017 For the first time in nine years I am teaching an English class – solo. I’ve had the privilege of sharing a senior class with another colleague over… Read more ›

The Gift of Travel

‘The Gift of Travel’ 27 April 2017 The trill of arigatō gozaimashita is still ringing in my ears; the taste of shabu-shabu still on my lips; and the sight of 19 Fairholmeites launched into peak-hour Tokyo train… Read more ›

Golden Silence

‘Golden Silence’ 29 March 2017 Holidays are nudging, and the prospect of pausing from the routine of school life entices us all: the restoration of energy levels beckons. For some, it means returning home to… Read more ›