There's No Place Like Home

‘I ran back to the boarding house and phoned home. Mum and Dad were jumping up and down and Dad said, “We get to be a family again.” I stopped for a minute and accepted that I was really going home.’(Fairholme… Read more ›

Glass Half Full. Glass Half Empty.

The rise of mindfulness addresses many aspects of our daily thinking practices, including our choice of outlook. Is that glass half-full, Linda, or is it half-empty? Is that a green thought, or a red thought? In our current… Read more ›


August! Winter. Winds. Athletics Carnivals and… the Brisbane Exhibition (Ekka). I admit to feeling nostalgic. It’s decades since I clutched a strawberry ice-cream cone at the Ekka; or lined up impatiently for… Read more ›

Seeking the Simple in the Complex

Complexity raises anxiety. That anxiety is hovering close to the surface at this time cannot be deemed surprising. We have never done this complex form of living before and thus drawing from past experiences, or trying to… Read more ›

Not Just Another Founders' Day…

Another Founders’ Day has passed at Fairholme – one that marks our 103rd year on site. It wasn’t a typical Founders’ Day but that in no way diminishes the importance of acknowledging our history and… Read more ›

The Things We Miss…

I miss touching. I keep thinking of shared things we touch. Handrails. Board game pieces. Door handles. I miss not being suspicious of surfaces and how unconscious I was of the ease and innocence of touching. I miss hugging… Read more ›