We Need To Talk About…

When Maree Crabbe ventured fearlessly into the contentious topic of pornography at a community session for parents, just over a week ago, she used the phrase: ‘it’s time we talked about …’ Whilst… Read more ›

Peering Into The Future, Now

I could never have imagined that my first taste of avocado as a ten year old, would foreshadow a penchant for its creamy fruit. I remember my mother spreading its greenish-yellow flesh onto buttered toast and me falling… Read more ›

To Begin…

I admit that I love the beginnings of school years: the energy that is palpable, the influx of new faces and the learning possibilities for all. I find it exciting. But I could easily swing into nervousness rather than excitement… Read more ›

Final Moments Of 2018

I find the end of each school year bittersweet; there is a complex binary of sadness that students and parents are leaving and not returning juxtaposed against the excitement of looking ahead to the new school year. Shakespeare… Read more ›

For The Times They Are A-Changin'

Change is amongst us. We exist within it; we absorb so much of it; and, in a world so buffeted by change we don’t always recognise its occurrence. Thus, we should not be surprised really, that China has opened its… Read more ›

Letting Go…

Adolescence noun the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. A prominent author recently commented that she felt she’d escaped adolescence with her older… Read more ›