Boarder Wellbeing

Weekend leave is a wonderful opportunity for parents or guardians to spend time with their daughters.

Afternoon leave, tea leave and overnight leave can also be arranged. Shopping leave is available once a week to seniors, who may request a taxi to town after school.

A recreation activities program for each weekend is organised each term by the Boarder House Recreation Committee and the staff and can include games afternoons, movies, skating, themed dinners, mini golf, theatre or ballet productions, various art and craft activities, cooking and visits to theme parks.

On Saturdays, girls may go shopping to Grand Central Shopping Mall for 2.5 hours, in uniform, with supervisors. Visits to local parks and cafes can be organised on the day depending on the requests from girls. Some activities such as boarder socials and dinners are co-ordinated with other schools in Toowoomba, Warwick and Brisbane.

Each floor in the boarding house has a large comfortable common area for the girls to socialize and relax. Common rooms are available for television watching, as well as movies on weekends. For those who play music or dance, boarders may practise in the Music rooms and Dance studio before and after school, and on weekends. Music lessons occur during weekdays.